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Month: July 2012

A walk in the Zoo

I’ve been meaning to take Dudie to the Pretoria Zoo for a while now but the weather has been rather iffy. It’s chilly in the morning but gloriously wonderful in the afternoon. We used to do the Funwalk in the Zoo monthly, even whilst I was pregnant. Then I gave birth, and in between surviving a new born and trying to be civil in my marriage(think that sleep deprivation does not suit either myself or Dude), and  Winter approaching I decided to hold off on the funwalks.

Well, we did pick it up again but then somehow it fell through the cracks again. Generally we have a “wing it attitude” over most weekends. But our special moment, every Saturday(or only if Mommy can really fall out of bed) is visiting the Pretoria Boeremark.

They start at 5am, and no there is no way in hell that I will be there at 5am. Albeit, I have been there at 6am on occasion. Lately, we get there anytime from 8am. They generally pack up after 10am. It’s fun. It’s great. And it’s refreshing.

Our ritual could be either:

1. Mommy buys the weeks fresh produce. Dudie gets to pull/push the rented trolley thing. Or he just happily sits in it and I have to pull/push him, shove a dozen things into my shopper bag and walk through a really crowded space. We buy 4-5 pancakes and a can of coke, then we proceed to the pond area to feed the ducks/geese/turkey/chicken/doves all the left over bread of the week.

2. We buy 4-5 pancakes and a can of coke, then we proceed to the pond area to feed the ducks/geese/turkey/chicken/doves all the left over bread of the week.

This is my Happy Space! And I indulge in it a bit longer every Saturday. Because the weather is good and the Dudie loves just being there. Even the Dude loves being there, on the weekends that he is home.

Oh, did I mention that I live 10 steps away from this market 🙂

Back to the Zoo, with warmer days approaching, I think it’s time for a trip to the Zoo again. Last time we went on the skytrain. I think I had more fun than Dudie….

P.S. Last week Sunday we visited the Mclaren Circus and Dude mentioned that it’s as if we came to the circus for me. I was that excited 🙂


Happy Friday Folks! Have an awesome weekend.

I’ve been trying to motivate myself. The progress is a story for another day but let me share some random inspirations & funnies with you…






























Funny, how I’m finding all the food related quirks…. Could it be ‘cos I’m thinking about watching what I eat, and I need to start exercising… Murphy—————–Piss off!

Happy Friday Folks.

Gloria knows that I would not have made it through another working day this week.



When Life happens

Life lately

Ok, maybe you’ve noticed that I’m in a bit of a “challenging space” in my head, it seems. And maybe you haven’t. That too is ok. We’re all human and like John Lennon said “life is what happens when you’re making other plans” or something to that effect. I’ve been pinning things/emotions/ideas/solutions/problems/etc in my head. I’m not kidding, my head is buzzing. Non Stop. I literally wake during the night processing my thoughts…. WTF!

I’ve realised that I’m delusional. I set an alarm to wake 45 mins earlier so as to squeeze in a 30min exercise session. At home. I am not a gym person, so we’ve semi converted my Dude’s lapa into our mini workout area. Trick is that no one has really actively used the workout area since… I can’t even remember when. My Dude has decided that maybe we convert our spare bedroom into our “new” workout area… Great plan! I have all these ideas about making it all funky and stuff. But will we use it? I don’t know… He probably will, I on the other hand will have a million excuses not to 🙂

Life happens

On that note, I need/want to get into shape. And I’ve decided that Winter 2012 is when I’ll pull myself towards myself and just DO IT! Well, The alarm was set on Sunday evening. Morning morning I snoozed until past the time I needed to get ready for work. Tuesday, same shit different day. Wednesday, well I attempted to lift my lovely Feather Down Duvet off me and quickly decided that tomorrow is another day. Who said you need to start a fitness programme on a Monday? Why can’t it start Thursday….

I still hear voices

On the thoughts in my head, I’m getting there. I’m battling with myself and it seems I’m losing the fight. I’ve realised that after a lengthy discussion with a relative, I’ve opened up some wounds. In me. I’m raw. And I’m trying to cover it up. It creeps through. I’m not sure how to deal with it. I’ve been picking up my pieces as I go along my day/days. I’m emotionally tired/ Spiritually drained. Physically, I’m exhausted.  But I kick my self under the butt each morning to get going.

I see the change in my behaviour, and I don’t like it. I’m less patient. Less tolerant. Abrupt. Sarcastic. I’m trying to change it. But I don’t handle change well. Why I don’t know. I just don’t.









As if I don’t have enough to deal with, I/we are also looking for a new school for Dudie. He has outgrown his current school. I/we can see that he needs more….

Spirited Mama

Friday Funnies

Just to kick start the day.

Did you know that it’s Friday the 13th?????

Personally, I’m not superstitious but my Dude is.

Are you?

P.S. What I noticed it  that my morning events were a bit skewed but I took it in my stride, laughed it off and now I’m my merry self!

P.P.S I need to take the car for a valet because of the morning events. I backed out the driveway and forgot to remove the coffee from the dashboard. It was a bit chaotic as we were running late. Well, the coffee spilled over the passenger seat. Then Dudie pipes up “Mommy I messed”. Well he messed his pancake in the back and when I took him out of his car seat, there was toothpaste everywhere…. Ai, he insisted on brushing his teeth in the car.







This is why I’ll never dive professionally. Phew! I can barely swim properly… LMAO









Oh Thank Gloria, I’m well insulated. Heaven forbid she should fall…







Prison break. LMAO.


Happy Friday folks!

P.P.P.S  I’m busy with a Spanish course. Oh my, I’m so confused…I’ve got an online tutor too. Everyone walking in the office looks at me as if I’m weird ‘cos I’m trying to repeat the Spanish phrases….

Ta DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I am trying to get myself out of somewhat of a “bad” space. It’s mostly in my head but it’s there none the less. <I’m not my usual “happy camper” self and the effects are rubbing off onto my family. Trouble is, I just couldn’t put a finger on it and say “Ta Da! That’s what’s wrong or needs fixing.>

I’ve decided that for the sake of the greater good maybe I should just abstain from blogging as my equilibrium was/is shifting. And I really did not want to rant/vent here.


I’ve been finding it a tad bit difficult to see that light at the end of the tunnel. But let me assure myself that I see a faint one none the less. And I think that with perseverance and hard work, I just might get closer and closer to that light. Mommy.ville has been challenging as Dudie challenges me around each and every corner. I very rarely give a pat on the bum/hand as I prefer the “1-2-3 time-out” method.  This was going swimmingly until recently. When I start with 1, he says 2-3 and then waits for my response. My response now is 1 – get the chair and put in time-out. I don’t even get to 2.

Wife.ville has been challenging. Dude is feeling neglected. He doesn’t feel the sense of “belonging”. I get that. And I’ve taken stock as to how/where tis happens. Oh my Gloria, it happens so easily. I get on with “my stuff” without him. And I feel less guilty when he’s working on a weekend as I then have justification for my behaviour. I’m trotting into dangerous territory here, as we had a very blunt argument/venting discussion about it.  I’m numb to the core. Part of me wants to be a stubborn biatch and tell him to go fck himself but when I think about how I feel about him, I’m seriously not willing to part ways with him. I really need to work at my marriage!

Work has been work. Filled with mundane tasks yet also I feel that my cup desk runneth over with admin. I’m yet to sort out some crap with some people.

 I’ve assessed my situation, and it’s pretty fcked up. If you walked in my front door tomorrow, you’d think that we were a well balanced household. I’m a crafty wife too. But on the back burner, if you stayed awhile and paid attention, you’d see that I’m actually finding it extremely difficult to balance life/marriage/mommy.ville/work/etc….

 Something’s gotta give. And for a while it’s been work. And my Dude. I need to fix this. Work can stay exactly where it is. But I need to fix my relationship with Dude.

 <We’ve been existing in the same house. How is that even possible? Just putting these thoughts out is making me emotional again. I don’t want to exist. I want to live!>


Some random bullets about what’s been happening in the land of the Spirited.

  • Last week my family(Gran, Aunt, Uncle, 3kids) came to visit us. OH my Dudie soaked up my Grandma and in turn she soaked him up too. I loved how they loved being together. And I *cringe* when he asks, which is daily, when she’s coming back. (Did I mention that our families live in Cape Town?)
  • My BB’s handset died. So now I’m hoping that Vodacom can sort out the problem speedily so that I can have my phone back. (I miss my camera! That phone takes awesome pictures.)
  • I have overspent my budget(on food)…. Story of my life. If you know me, then you’ll know that I buy food like there’s no tomorrow. I like variety and if my boys want something, I very rarely have to say “I need to go to the shop to get it”.
  • I’m still looking for  a job closer to home. (Jobs are scarce or I’m just not connected that way)
  • Today, I had a very very slow Monday
  • I need to just use some of my savings to book tickets to CPT again….
  • My relationship with my brother is growing stronger and stronger. ( I love how he wants me to be part of his life and his little family)
  • I really need to do something about my weight. ( I need to run/join a gym/watch what I eat/lose some weight)
  • I did a mini shopping spree for me(happy dance)
  • I’m getting my increase the end of the month!!!!!!!
  • I’ve been drooling over Shoes(shooshoos, froggies, hushpuppies)
  • I’ve been drooling over kids clothing online(naartjie, seven ounce, earthchild, etc)
  • Today was not a very productive day in terms of my day job….
  • I need to finish some craft projects that I’ve been staring at…

Enough of me for today. I’ve felt slightly bewildered lately. Luckily in a good way.

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