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Month: November 2012

Middle ear infection, tattoos and lazy days

I haven’t blogged in a while. Life has been busy and fun and sometimes challenging…

It’s been crazy at work. I been off with Middle ear infection, i do have ear issues, and I’ve gotten a new tattoo…. Finally, I’ve been wanting it for 3 yrs but just never got around to doing it. Could’ve been that I was scared but I must admit it wasn’t half as bad as what I remembered from the first time.

I will post a pic soon. I have to run as I see a storm coming and I’d like to get Dudie and be home before the storm comes round.

So have a happy weekend. We’re suppose to go to a “Carols by Candlelight” picnic tonight but I’ll have to watch this weather. Won’t be carolling in the storm!

Spirited Mama

P.S. Tomorrow is the 1st of December!!!!! We get to put up our Christmas tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how excited I am. I didn’t think that I could hold out until now but finally tomorrow we decorate our house.

When do you put up your tree?

P.P.S We started our own traditions. Last year was our first Christmas alone, just the three of us. That was the plan but now it seems that my Gan and her sister will be joining us! Whoop Whoop. Those are two of our favourite people in the whole world.

So I know who’s Secret Santa I am….

SO I got my name of the person that I’m suppose to buy a gift  from Charlotte aka The Stiletto Mum last week. I could not contain my excitement… So I immediately started “researching” the recipient.

Christmas is fast approaching and I actually can’t wait anymore. We started a few of our own traditions and we’ve decided to put the Christmas tree up on 1 December… honestly, I can’t wait anymore…

It might very well go up this weekend! But I’ll try to contain myself. I get more and more excited every year – maybe it’s because Dudie is starting to comprehend what we are doing….

I will be doing some Christmas shopping this weekend and your gift(s) will definitely be on my list.

I’m so excited!!!!!!!

Spirited Mama

P.S. Yes, we are back in the rat race. But keeping my eye on the goal – only 3 weeks until we’re on leave!!!!!! Whoop Whoop!

And we are out of here….

This is where we’ll be tomorrow


Doing some of this

Amongst all the wine-ing and dining with family and friends…Seriously, as we touch down we head off to a breakfast gathering… And it doesn’t stop we literally have gatherings for each and every meal time whilst we are there. And at different locations everytime… Luckily the sun sets late in Cape Town so we won’t even know that its way way past Dudie’s bedtime until he literally falls asleep whilst we drive… (Don’t judge, it’s a getaway for everyone. We’ll get back to routine on Tuesday or maybe Wednesday…)

And what would a trip to Cape Town be without following Dude’s tradition visiting Mariner’s Wharf- He will wait for them to open their doors but he will not NoT have his platter 🙂 Thank goodness we’re a family who loves seafood.

And hopefuly we get to do this on Monday,

SO on that note I say ta ta…

See you next week. Have an awesome weekend

Spirited Mama

Feel Good moments

So I saw this on someone’s profile and absolutely had to steal it 🙂

This sums up exactly how I feel each and every time I look at Dudie, and being showered with hugs and kisses….. Gets me everytime. tehre was ever a spontaneous hug/kiss/holding hands/etc from either parent…. But that’s one of those sad posts and definitely not fit for today.>

 I love you to the end of the earth and back, baby boy! ALways and forever. Never too much!


Your Mom

P.S. I adore the fact that he makes me late every single morning because he makes me walk back to his door, because he didn’t “good morning me”… That means he wants to kiss me again. This can take a while some mornings!!! And even though I think that we are so late, I still share “our” moment.

P.P.S. The Dudie has now resorted to calling Dude and I by our first names. BUT only in public spaces. At home we are mom and dad. This child is way to smart 🙂


I … I will surive!!!!!!!!!

I literally broke out in song as I walked out of that exam venue yesterday!!!!!! The exams are finally done!

I got results for a course I did at work and I passed 🙂 And as an added bonus I can get credits fo it towards my degree programme… So without further ado, I’m back in the land of the living. The Psycho/stressed out manic biatch is gone…. phew!

I can now start counting the days until my annual leave starts…. Even though we have no formal plans for December(I do not do holiday getaways with the masses) we have Dude’s sister, husband and kids with us for a week before Christmas. Think that it might just be the three of us again this Christmas. Last year was special, our first Christmas alone, starting our own tradition….

In other non-related news – I’m packing because we’ll be down in Cape Town this weekend:-)

I’m hoping the weather is good so that we can finally catch that Red Bus Tour!!!!!

Ciao for now

P.S. I’m looking fo ra versatile yet sexy little black dress for a function this weekend. I’ve had a quick look around and I can’t find anything under R600. Any ideas where I can find a little black dress that won’t break my budget????


I would love to win this!!!!!!

So I saw the competition on The Real Jenty and I’m so entering….

Now who wouldn’t want to wing a prize???? Especially one as cool as this?

Hop over to her blog or just view the post here and get entering! Entries close tomorrow at 12 noon!

Good luck all!

Spirited Mama

Whoa!!!! I get a gift? Thank you

Ok so I’m way behind in blogging but let’s leave the updates for another post.

This post is suppose to be all Fairies and Unicorns 🙂

So I pledged allegiance to Charlotte over at The Stiletto Mum and vowed to take part in this year’s  Blogger Secret Santa  and OMG!!!! has this project kicked off well. So if you’re not on the list, you can still pledge allegiance and take part in all fun.

Now who doesn’t want a gift from a Secret Santa??????

I’ve been playing with the idea of “What I would like for Christmas” and seriously I can’t say that I’ve had an *Ah ha * moment yet! So whoever my secret santa is – you’re welcome to surprise me.

Guide to buying gifts for Spirited people:

1. I am a girl but not “that girly” girl.  

2. Even though I live with Dude and Dudie, I sometimes wear pink….

3. I heart costume jewellery, especially the rings(well, for how ever many hours I get to wear it with Dudie destroying it)

4. I like funky hats

6. I heart shoes

7. I heart whatever makes your heart flutter when you think you would like to buy an item for me. Seriously, I appreciate the time and effort you take into choosing whatever gift for me.


So Secret Santa – Go wild!

Happy waiting for your notice from the Post Office…. I know I’ll be checking

P.S. Secret Santa, if we not toooooo far apart, maybe we’ll do a coffee and cake for Christmas too 🙂




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