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My life lately has felt like one big never ending roundabout. Somehow, I just felt out of sorts.


But in all the events that have made me feel like I am stuck in a roundabout there has been some “memorable” moments too.

Does your life sometimes feel like a roundabout?

Yesterday I collect Dudie at school. I decide lets drive with ALL the windows open as there was a refreshing breeze. Well you had to drive slightly over the speed limit to enjoy that breeze. So we are homeward bound and Suddenly Dudie screams and I almost freaking stop in the middle of the road. Why did he scream as if someone was being murdered? Because the wind swept his school hat off his head and into the oncoming traffic.

Now, I have to calculate the risk of getting that school hat back, but that would mean I would have to run into oncoming traffic. Or I write off the hat and fork out another R130 for another school hat. School uniforms are crazy expensive. Why???

So I decide screw that let’s get that hat back. We make a u-turn at the next traffic light only to find the wind and traffic has now swept the hat back to the other side of the road. It’s 2pm traffic and people are crazy fast on this road. So we make a few u-turns because every time I get close to this hat it’s not in the spot where I last saw it. Also, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and need to take very calculated risks…so eventually I said screw this and park the bakkie on the island at the traffic light and jump out to pick up the hat. Hat recovered. Mom scores big time with the Dudie.

As if one roundabout isn’t enough…

Fast forward until Dude walks in the door looking all glum…why because he can’t find his wallet ANYWHERE. He called a friend at work to please check if it’s not there. Said friend is at the gym and will only be able to check in about 30 minutes or so. Oh and we live in Pretoria but he works in Johannesburg, so it’s not just quick drive back to work to check.

Now, I am writing exams on Friday and Dude and Dudie were supposed to collect the youngest dog, who got spayed cos we can’t deal with a newborn and puppies in 2017, but now he doesn’t have a single bank card or drivers license.¬†So I say let’s move now cos I don’t want to be stuck in traffic and you know I need to study. With pregnant belly and all off we go.

Side note, I’m not sure if Dude gets a kick out of driving each and every vehicle we have until the reserve light comes on. I can’t comprehend this. Why? When we always have to be somewhere quickly we must first stop for petrol or diesel…..I digress

I stop for diesel. Then off to collect the dog at our trusted Vet, who is now closing his practice and immigrating. We have been with him for about 13 years. Where am I going to find such a great vet again. (On Wednesday evening After being discharged from hospital we quickly drop our dog at the vet. Receptionist is freaking out cos I had a weird look on my face as the resident alien just kicked my ribs and because I still wearing my hospital id band. She thought I was going into labour.) I settle the bill and we get the dog. Homeward bound.

On route Dude’s friend calls to say that he found his wallet and will keep it safe til the morning. As we get into the house, we (Dude) says there is enough leftovers for supper. I go try to study. I emerge from the room every now and then for some snacks or a drink. Then I announce I’m having a muffin and yoghurt for supper you guys need to sort yourselves out. The Dudie goes and checks the kitchen and very unamused announces, “Uh where’s the supper?”. Whilst checking the microwave and ovenūüėā. Dudie settled on cream cheese and salticrax. Dude settled on fish.

I go back to study, Dudie brings two of his favorite stuffed toys to help me. Then asks “Are you like doing sums? Or those words that you can see or touch uhm like nouns or is it the ones that hold ¬†a place?” I figured he was referring to pronouns. This kid thinks I am clever but he forgets that I too attended school once upon a time, or back in the olden days like he calls it.

I asked Dudie if he wanted to help put some oil on my growing tummy but oh boy, this kid used about 1/3 Of the bottle on my tummy. If you dropped me into a deep fryer you could fry up 1 kilogram of calamari for the amount of oil on my tummy.

So even though I feel like I’m in a bit of a roundabout, I still have so many memorable moments with my spirited family. They keep me grounded. And they sure keep me entertained.

Happy Friday.

Spirited Mama

P.S. I think my exam went way better than anticipated this morning. Granted I didn’t get much sleep but I am taking a siesta right after I post this.

I … I will surive!!!!!!!!!

I literally broke out in song as I walked out of that exam venue yesterday!!!!!! The exams are finally done!

I got results for a course I did at work and I passed ūüôā And as an added bonus I can get credits fo it towards my degree programme… So without further ado, I’m back in the land of the living. The Psycho/stressed out manic biatch¬†is gone…. phew!

I can now start counting the¬†days until¬†my annual leave starts…. Even though we have no formal plans for December(I do not do holiday getaways with the masses) we have Dude’s sister, husband¬†and kids with us for a week before Christmas. Think that it might just be the three of us again this Christmas. Last year was special, our first Christmas alone, starting our own tradition….

In other non-related news – I’m packing because we’ll be down in Cape Town this weekend:-)

I’m hoping the weather is good so that we can finally catch that Red Bus Tour!!!!!

Ciao for now

P.S. I’m looking fo ra versatile yet sexy little black dress for a function this weekend. I’ve had a quick look around and I can’t find anything under R600. Any ideas where I can find a little black dress that won’t break my budget????


Dear Blog… I’ve missed you

Dear Blog

I’ve missed you! I’ve been longing to be here. My head was buzzing with topics but now that I’m finally able to blog, I can’t remember anything….

I’ve managed to submit my last assignment and wrote my first exam on Monday. It wasn’t bad at all, considering I was having sleepless nights worrying about it.

I now have two weeks to prep for the next exam and then another two weeks before I’m done for 2012. Did I mention that I will be taking additional study leave to maximise my time! <But as I typed that I remembered that I wanted to get another tattoo, my birthday gift from me to me – and was hoping to do that on a quiet weekday morning>

I will blog soon. About proper topics. And some ramblings about how I lose my marbles when I’m stressed about being a wife/mom/friend/employee/student/sister/an aunt/and so much more…


P.S. I find that when I’m under pressure I perform¬†very very¬†well. But that’s also when I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t pay attention to everyone and everything around me. Dude and I were not in a good space as he felt that I was neglecting him…. My argument was lame, as I justified how I won’t study forever…. And that I’m stressed, blah blah blah… We are in a better place right now.



So I’ve worked my a$$ off¬†to get great marks for my assignments¬†and knowing that they count towards my year mark, I knew I had to do well. So the results are in:




Last result – still pending – but I have a good feeling about it.

So I’ve patted myself on the back and rewarded myself

So now I keep my head down in my books. Exams are fast approaching. So if I’m not here often, please note that I will be buried under my books.

Ciao for now….

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