Why YOU need to be patient

Anything and everything in life requires patience. You need to be patient.

Even if you think it didn’t require your patience, if you think back to how or where it all started…perhaps it was an idea that you had but did it happen immediately?

Have you ever rushed to get something done and then realised that if you had just been patient, things would’ve turned out better? There is a reason there is a saying …good things come to those who wait… Granted, not all situations can be waited on. Sometimes you need to go after what you want.

Be patient with yourself

Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience ~ Ralph W. Emerson

This is my ultimate goal. The more patient I am with myself, the more patience I have for other people. Ultimately, you are a beautiful masterpiece in progress. You need to be worked, reworked and reworked to create YOUR masterpiece.

If I think back to just a year ago, I would have handled certain situations differently as to what I would handle them now. Growth much?

This series is causing great introspection ALL.THE.TIME. I’m both elated and freaked out about where this series takes me. It uncovers some raw emotions that I have successfully managed to cover up under a blanket of pretence. This has taken years to build and will most likely take years to lift off too. But I’m learning to be  patient with myself.


Having patience is a valuable quality

It’s not just about having patience. It’s about how you deal with the waiting. How’s your attitude when you need to be patient? Patience does not come naturally to everyone. Some are fortunate to learn this skill, others not so much. Having patience is a valuable quality. In this busy world we seem to be rushing and racing to get whatever it is that we need. I’m part of this busy world, so  I’m well aware of the “rat race”. We want instant gratification rather than to wait for things to come together.

There is nothing that grates my insides more than having to deal with an impatient person. This is when I stop, breathe and remind myself that THAT person needs MY patience more so now than ever. I don’t always get it right though. Everyone has limits…

With all that said, just know that some things take a little more time to come together. Everything has a way of working out, you just need to be patient.

Are you a patient person?

Happy Friday!

Spirited Mama


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