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52 lessons for 52 weeks: Week 15 – ARM yourself

Do you ARM yourself?

And no, I don’t mean with weapons or ammunition. Are you ready to face the world and whatever life gives you? I’ve come up with this acronym for myself, ARM.

A – Allow

R – Reward

M – Manage

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready every.single.day BUT I have found that with these three words, allow, reward & manage, I do a whole lot better on the days that I’m NOT ready.

Allow yourself…

Allow yourself some freedom to give yourself a break every now and then. Whether it be a physical break from the norm or just cutting yourself some slack and NOT being so hard on yourself sometimes. No one is as critical of me as I am of myself. I’m sure many of you can relate. I allow myself to be human. I make mistakes but I really try to come back from those. I am a repeat offender in some instances BUT it’s a work in progress. Allow yourself to be YOU. Only you know what you are capable of so don’t push yourself to breaking point!

Reward yourself…

Life itself is challenging AF. Reward yourself with whatever pleases you. Be it a holiday, a new pair of shoes or even just your favourite chocolate 🙂 Recognise your achievements, no matter how small they may seem and REWARD yourself. You did good! You deserve it.

Manage yourself…

Just manage yourself. In all walks of life, we are quick to say person X needs to change xyz and they’ll be sorted. Why are you concerned with person x? Their business is none of your business. Manage yourself and make sure that you stick to YOUR straight and narrow.

Just as you manage your family life/job/etc, take note that you need to manage yourself. You are the captain of your ship, so manage it!

Not everyone has your best interests in mind, in fact some people thrive when others stumble. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s OK. You will always have those *insert whichever word you deem appropriate her*… but only YOU can LIVE your life. As you navigate your life, you will learn to manage those stumbles.

Go on, manage your life. And you’ll soon be rewarding yourself for it 🙂


Spirited Mama


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  1. Doing ARM is hard hey, it is easier to take care of everyone else than me.

    • spiritedmama1

      I hear you BUT it’s crucial that we learn to take care of ourselves too… you can’t pour from an empty cup x

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