You deserve a TIME OUT

Whether you think you don’t, believe me you deserve a TIME OUT. No matter how small that time out is. Remember the saying “you can’t pour from an empty cup”. Well, that’s where I’m finding myself. So two weekends ago, Dude decided we need a time out. Off we went to Cape Town.

Normally, we would stay with family but this time we found a holiday apartment at the beach 🙂 This is where we found Dudie most of the time…


Take a TIME OUT already

With life being so busy and getting even busier at times, everyone can do with a little break. We don’t normally do holiday getaways with the masses during peak season but rather prefer an “off season” frequent break every now and then. Due to budget constraints we can’t do this as often as we would like but we manage to squeeze them in. Also, it’s tricky to coordinate schedules so many times we just wing and make prior arrangements to catch up on school/work once we get back.

We also had birthday celebrations in between. My MIL turned 70 years and I turned 35 years old the day after her birth day. Dude and Dudie made a lavish breakfast with all the bells and whistles. Even non-alcoholic champers so that Dudie could toast with us 😜 Troll used his water cup to join in on the toast.

Cut yourself some slack

You really need to cut yourself some slack. You give the best of you but do you recharge YOU? Yes, I’m talking to myself here BUT I know that most of you can relate. You give and give, and give  some more. When do you cut yourself some slack? Personally, this is extremely difficult as I feel that if I loosen the reigns things will fall apart. It’s OK to loosen the reigns a bit. My new motto; if it’s not going to harm anyone it will be OK.

As family, we needed to do “nothing”. We needed to let go of the routine and just wing it. We were busy but we needed the busyness of doing nothing. It was good for our souls.

The nothingness also became a big something as we said our final goodbyes to a family member. So in the midst of taking a time out, it was perfectly planned that we were in close proximity to be with family in a desperate time of need.

Dude has a belief that if you do something with a pure heart and good intentions, it’ll work out the way it’s suppose too.

The time out was perfectly planned. It’s rekindled my flame to Enjoy the small things. The things that often get taken for granted.

Happy Monday!

Spirited Mama


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