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Almost always late

I read this post over at HarassedMom about being late. If anything you need to check her son’s hairdo in this post. Love it! All I can say is that I’m happier just enjoying the moment and not stressing about the fact that I was supposed to be wherever so many minutes ago already…

I feel so much better now. I thought it can’t possibly just be me…that’s late ALL the time!!!! No matter what I do…. Even if I prep the day before…. Or get up hours before everyone else…. Sure as hell we will NOT be on time.

I must add that each and every watch/clock that you encounter in our house will read a different time 🙂 purely to give you a buffer so that you’re not  TOO late for whatever. And also that, when I moved out of my parents house, I vowed that I will NOT rush through life. I will stop and smell the roses…- My mother is beyond punctual!!!pAin in the ass punctual actually – if she says we’re leaving at 7, she leaves at 6:45! True story – ask my husband who was at the time my boyfriend when witnessing this….


Each to his own, I suppose. If you really want me to be punctual then I will be  albeit sans Dude and Dudie. But other than that I will get there when I get there….

I enjoy my moments. I stop to smell the roses.


Spirited Mama

P.S. This post as in my drafts for a while so technically it’s late…. But hey it’s been crazy busy in Spiritville…

P.P.S I’ve recently been rushing my family to get things done or to be on punctual for certain events…. Well, it’s seems t obe rubbing off on Dudie as he tells me on numerous occasions “Mamma, you’re going to make me late” or Are we late? or like this morning “Well Done Mama, we early!” sigh… I try but somedays I just don’t have that extra oomph to get going or to motivate them to move swiftly along, as this is often the case. I’m done. Waiting. Checking and rechecking doors and windows just to give them extra time…

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Doctor Dentist dreams


Seattle Coffee Company.. I seriously love you!!!!!


  1. We are forever rushing around liekmad people, here there and everywhere but honestly once they are in big school one has to be punctual

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