So update on the frog and it’s going swimmingly. Remember he has two different instructors, the guy on Tuesdays and the girl on Thursdays… Well, it’s really great to see how this frog is progressing. If you want to, you can read about the frog here.

Last nite we had the girl instructor and albeit she’s happy with his progress and all that, she feels that the Dudie needs to practice blowing bubbles at home. I responded with “ But he does. And he’s so proud of himself. And shows off this skill in the bath and all” Well, she said maybe he’s just shy around her…

This left me thinking;

Do I just let him take lessons with the guy? They seem to get on very well. Kindred spirits and all. Or do I try just once more with the girl?

I think I’ll try once more. But then make my final decision. <Even the Dude feels we need to try once more>

We got home a little earlier than usual; our lesson was moved up as someone didn’t pitch. We ate left over Lasagne and shared some Nesquick… I gave him his bath and we polished brushed his teeth.  We then proceeded to his room where I tried to dress him but tonight this task was not smooth sailing… Dudie kept jumping up and down, trying to wiggle off the bed, anything to just not get dressed… The air was filled with laughter… And Dude making home videos. Then Dudie asked me to lie there with him. I soaked you up, albeit my tolerance level was low and my patience running out. I tried to focus on the “happy”. I filed your smiling happy face in my memory box, forever to treasure…

We played hide and seek under the covers and eventually we just fell asleep. Well not before you poked my nose, and pulled my ears and played with my hair and opening my eyes and telling me “Wake up, Mamma…” You haven’t called me Mamma in forever. And I loved it.

I need to remember to focus on the “happy”, the “here and now”….


P.S. My brother is almost ten years younger than me. He had a nesquick addiction, like I think I have and Dudie is developing… My brother uses to call Nesquick,… BUNNY! He always wanted BUNNY!

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