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“Grow better humans”: A monthly gratitude journal for kids

A monthly gratitude journal for kids aims to “grow better humans” in South Africa


“It’s never too early to adopt positive habits and cultivate emotional regulation,” says the creators of The Little Steps Big Wins Journal, a daily gratitude journal for children aged eight to 12.

The journal is a joint project for Durban-based trio Kim Naidoo, Matthew Jones and Anjil Naidoo from Change For Good Kids.

Kim Naidoo and Matthew Jones

 Why grow better humans

The Little Steps Big Wins Journal uses the principle of Kaizen – a Japanese concept of continuous improvement that hinges on four concrete phases: plan, do, check and act.



“We emphasise the concept of small incremental changes to create better habits. We believe by taking small, consistent steps, we can create lasting positive change in children’s lives,” says Kim, the creative maverick behind the journal.

She adds: “Our fill-in journals help kids learn good habits and unlearn bad ones, it’s filled with daily tasks, journal prompts, and a space to practice daily gratitude all whilst being filled with easy-to-relate illustrations and fun games.”

The creators of the journal rely on research that has shown that practising gratitude journaling has a positive impact on one’s mental health and overall well-being.

Kids can also start a gratitude journal

“By encouraging your child to write about what they are grateful for, you are cultivating a mindset of appreciation and positivity that can last well into their adult life,” says Kim.

The monthly journals incorporate a host of scientifically proven techniques, and each month focuses on a different theme.

Kim’s career has seen her gain experience in brand strategy, event planning, and marketing, and uses elements of this to fuel her new venture.

“As the creative force behind the Little Steps Big Wins Journal, I channelled my eclectic background, my love for wellness, and my unbridled creativity into crafting a unique educational tool. With my visionary approach and the magic, I try to bring to every project, I am poised to make a lasting impact on the world of personal growth and self-expression,” she said.

She is joined in this journey by former Sharks rugby player, Matthew Jones, who changed career paths due to health reasons.

“Setbacks opened my eyes to the world of alternative healing and introduced me to remarkable individuals who guided and supported me throughout my recovery. As a result, I discovered a newfound love for teaching movement and creating music, recognizing the power these elements have in promoting physical and emotional well-being,” he said.

“In addition to my passion for movement, I also have a strong desire to empower others through education. I believe in the transformative power of journaling and creative self-discovery, and I am eager to share these tools with the youth, helping them unlock their true potential.”

To make sure as many children as possible can benefit from this, companies and private individuals have the opportunity to pledge a number of books to earmarked underprivileged schools.

“Little steps to more happiness, positive habits and to nurturing enquiring minds. We aim to grow better humans for South Africa.”

Books are R89.95 each and are available through www.changeforgoodkids.com and through Kim Naidoo on info@changeforkids.com / 076 349 8664

 Are you growing better humans?

Spirited Mama




Social Media Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChangeForGoodKids


At Change for Good, they aim to create happier futures by encouraging positive habits today. They believe that the habits we teach are lessons for life. So, the earlier we get started, the greater the number of happier humans we get to create for the future.



Come join us at Exclusive Books, Menlyn

This is NOT a sponsored post. I love books. Dudie loves books. So it goes without saying that i will undoubtedly never ever ever just walk past a bookstore without a quick peek….

Last weekend, Dudie and I popped into Exclusive Books in Menlyn Mall for a kids event. It was the first kids event and i doubt that all the Fanatics members got the message. But that could also be because the message came through rather late. a friendly young lady read Who is King in the Land of Kachoo amongst many other books that kids chose. It was fun watching Dudie listen and participate in making bookmarks. I ended up asking for the ziploc bag to put hisbbookmarks in.

Note to self-remind Dudie that he should leave some supplies for other events too.

This Sunday, 24 March at 10am come along and listen to Pea’s Book of Best Friends by Susie Day. RSVP Menlyn@exclusivebooks.co.za or call 012-361 6188. And the kids get to make friendship bracelets during this Reading..

See you on Sunday

Spirited Mama

P.S. the young lady also baked yummy cupcakes for the kids. Her treat.

P.P.S. Dude freaks everytime i bring home more books….

Note to self-extend house and build a library

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