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Just keep swimming with Spurt_SA *win*

Spurt is the leading suppliers of swimming apparel in South Africa. The brand is loved for its innovative patterns and colours and comfortable fit. With an extensive range of accessories and swimming aids for beginners and athletes.  Shop today www.spurt.co.za

Why Swimming lessons ARE important

Dudie has been swimming with an instructor for almost 6 years of his life. This child is literally like a fish in water. He can take one deep breath and swim with only THAT one breath underwater for 25metres… I mean he is 8 years old. How is that even possible? He swims freestyle/breaststroke and backstroke with ease. He says “butterfly” is a little hard. Believe me if you must see my strokes (I don’t even know if I can call it strokes) you might feel the need to dive in and save me. In the featured image Dudie is sporting a silicone swimming cap and goggles from Spurt_SA. Even though the cap looked small, it fitted his head like a glove. I mean really who doesn’t want a shark fin, as Dudie calls it, on your head. Those goggles, man alive if your kid(s) uses goggles You will know what a pain it is to find good fitting goggles. I don’t use goggles but according to Dudie these goggles don’t go “fuzzy” like the others. What he is referring to is the anti fog feature on the Spurt_SA goggles. No need to remove and rinse your goggles. They stay clear. Dudie gave both products a thumbs up!

SHARK! Shark approaching

Swimming lessons is probably one of the most important lessons/gifts that you can possibly teach/give your child(ren).
 I have heard of way too many accidents around water and what freaks me out even more is that it happens within a split second. I would rather pay for swimming lessons than have a child that is not water safe (babies) or able to swim.
We have a pool at home so I’m ALWAYS on high alert when we are around water. Have you ever noticed how often you or your kid(s) come into contact with water? Maybe not at your home but when on holiday/visiting family or friends that have a swimming pool/perhaps there is a pool at school? Dudie swims in his school team. Not only does he do the compulsory class swimming applicable to every student at that school but also trains for the school team 3 times per week and then has 1 private lesson per week. This sounds insanely hectic but when you do what you LOVE then it doesn’t feel like work… (Side note – I wish my school had forced us to participate in class swimming.)

Where to get swimming lessons

I see the financial stress on families of trying to make ends meet and yes a swimming lesson might be out of budget now BUT what is stopping you or a fmaily member from teaching your kid(s) to swim? Unless you yourself can’t swim. Did you know that some public swimming pools offer swimming lessons sometimes free of charge and if not free it is a small fraction of the costs of a private swimming school?
I am a nervous wreck around kids and adults who CANNOT swim! Enough of my lessons, here is the FUN part!

WIN some swimming accessories for your child

Spurt wants to spoil a child with some swimming accessories which includes a funky silicone swimming cap, goggles and a nose clip. Dudie doesn’t use a nose clip but this Mom will be practising with it 🙂

Spurt_SA products


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I reserve the right to disqualify invalid entries.

Ready! Set! Go!

Spirited Mama

***Prize may vary from the picture above.


Disclaimer: Spurt_SA sent us some swimming accessories to review. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

 P.S. Be safe around water this Summer!!!

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  3. So cute. My little girl is 6. She loves swimming. #sabloggerscafe

  4. I agree. Being pool safe is so important!!! What cute swimming attire.

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  6. Tania Brewis

    My daughter is 6 years old

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