So you may have read about my choice of coffee here. Yes, I’m besotted with Jacobs Kronung… But today was a total fail…

I woke up late so my usual routine was off balance. My feng shui was out of sync….

I make my Dudie’s coffee; he has milo and believes that when Mom & Dad have coffee so should he. <Oh the joys. I wonder what he’ll do when he realizes what real coffee tastes like.>

As I make Dudie’s cuppa, I make my coffee. This is how it went down:

  1. I add ½ a teaspoon of sugar to Dudie’s cup and to mine – Err, Problem – I don’t take sugar.
  2. I add Kilo to Dudie’s cup and mine – Err, I already added Jacobs Kronung to my cup and now MILO….
  3. I assess the situation and decided “whatever” and proceed to add hot water and milk…

We make our way out the door and head off to school and work. Dudie loved his coffee this morning as I do not always add sugar… <I don’t give my kid sugar willingly/easily>

I drop him at school and I start my trek to work. I get on the highway; take a sip gulp of my coffee/milo… And nearly veer off the road! I kid you not. It tasted horrible. I’m not sure if I should’ve added more coffee or more milo. It tasted like a cheap instant coffee that was watered down way way way too much!

I am at the Office and on my way to go and get a CUPPACCINO with CREAM! I need a pick me upper…


P.S. Other than that mishap, my day has been splendid. Granted, we were late but we are happy, safe and alive.

P.P.S It’s so awesome coming home to a husband who’s cooking a pot of soup and the fire is burning… Just the way my granny grew up except, she was the one making the soup and lighting the fire. Bwhahahaha

P.P.S. Both Dude & I have full time JOBS but he gets home and hour before me. He’s so helpful around the house. Don’t fret – he gets his rewards…

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