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Where to find a holiday school?????

Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Dudie has started Grade 000. Great! All is going swimmingly BUT!!!!! This is a huge BUT! We love his school and his teachers. But this might be the last year that he is there. They have a Private Primary School but it is not on our route. It’s actually way out of our way….Although, on the plus side they give preference to the kids in their Nursery School.

Dudie has been accepted by a very sought after Montessori Nursery school for 2014. Yay! But, I’m not sure that I want to move him there because we don’t want to move him there and then move him again when he has to start Grade 1…. So I really think that I should let the school know that we will not be taking that spot….sigh….

We have been doing the research and we have found a few independent schools, that we really like but it will curb our spontaneous getaways(sob sob)…..

Can you recommend private schools in Pretoria? I’d really appreciate personal experiences….

We do however have a DARK Cloud looming…What do you do about holiday times? I don’t have a nanny/domestic that I can rope in over the holiday. Our family lives in Cape Town. So we basically fend for ourselves in GP. Currently, his school only closes for December but we do take frequent breaks during the year, in case anyone thinks that my child is at school 340 days in the year 🙂

Are there any holiday programmes available in Pretoria? Holiday Schools? We will take leave as and when possible but I would really like to know what other working parents do????

For the record I’m not comfortable leaving Dudie home with a caregiver even if it is family because of:

a) our swimming pool (yes, he does take swimming lessons but he is no olympian)

b) our beloved dogs (we do not leave Dudie unattended with our breed)

c) I don’t want him catching up with soapies during the holiday time ( I would prefer that he be stimulated with age-appropriate activities)

So this is my dilemma… Please let me know how you manage to survive work/parenting/life…

Spirited Mama

P.S. I’m looking for new employment closer to Pretoria as I commute daily. I am more than willing to take a back office, sit quietly and just not be seen but still get MY salary every month…. SO if anyone is hiring, please shout!!!!!

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  1. Look into St Paulus but I have no idea where you live in Pretoria. Also remember that by law from 2014 grade 0 in part of Primary school so they have to be in their primary school by then. No chance for Afrikaans? Because there are great Afrikaans semi gov options with aftercare and holiday programmes. Mail me if you want to know more

  2. That’s the problem for all working mothers… I got my first daughter through school, also mostly without help from nearby family… It is very very difficult during holidays, and she had to spent lots of times in my office!
    And wait until they get to Secondary school and there is no after care…
    And they get to go home very early when exams start. Big headache! But somehow we always manages to make a plan. Now I start again with the little one… My motto is: one day at a time!
    Dad also has to do his share!

    • ****sigh***
      NOooooooo, don’t say that 🙂 Thanks for your comment. We’re stressing about “pre-school” never mind Primary nd secondary school….So, I’m going to take this one day at a time. That’s a good start. Yeah, Dude definitely does his fair share of taking time off too.

  3. Hope you find something that works out well for your family

    What breed of dogs do you have?

    • Oi, I hope we do…
      We have 1 pitbull and 2 bullterriers. Sadly, 1 one passed on 2010 and 1 in 2011… Dudie adores them and tehy adore him BUT we NEVER leave him unattented with them. We are ALWAYS with him…They are tryly lovable and not like the vicious monsters that some make them out to be. I see you have Rottweilers… We are kinda thinking about getting more dogs soon as our current ones are getting old…

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