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And this is the day before Good Friday…

I normally get up around 5am, but most days I sleep until 5:40am. If I do that disaster strikes, as then it becomes like those trolley dash competitions in my house. I literally fly through everything and on the trip to work; I get to second guess myself wondering if I locked everything.

Today was ok until I decided to get out of bed. I slept in Dudie’s bed as he woke up crying at 1am and I was not prepared to take him to our room. His room is so much warmer. So Dude comes to greet us before he leaves, and under my breath I mumbled “Do not wake This child”.

2yrold is no fun. For the record, I did not co-sleep. It was not my style. Some days I want to kick Dude out of our bed too. You, the parent, do not sleep properly. You get kicked and slapped (not intentionally – my child is a restless sleeper) and basically you feel more tired than you did before you went to bed.>

I get up, as quietly as I possibly could, but Dudie was up before my feet even touched the ground! I like the quiet time before he wakes. I get to shower, make coffee, pack the car, do what I need to do, and then wake Dudie and get him ready. When he wakes with me or before I’m ready for him – I’m screwed. So this is how it went down this morning;

5:20am                 Mama & Dudie get up. Mama wants to shower so I bribe the child with a DVD and some milk. Luckily before I got in the shower he tells me that he needs the toilet. <He has cried for the toilet before – and it’s not a pretty sight when I have to jump out the shower half soaped/face wash in my eyes as I have not rinsed yet.> Lightbulb moment, put child on toilet and I have a 5min shower. I pulled the door a bit so that the steam could escape but I could still supervise Dudie. Problem was that when I rinsed and decided to get out the shower the kid had disappeared. I found half a roll of toilet paper on the floor. The toilet was not flushed. And I’m damn sure he didn’t wash his hands. So I set off to find him, remember I’m dripping water all over the house. I find this child of mine in the kitchen getting chocolate out of the cupboard so that he can go sit in his room and watch his movie. We I, flush toilet, wash his hands, give him vitamins and decided stuff it, I’m going to get ready for today and Dudie will do what he does best. He will be a 2yr old.

30 mins later, I’m good to go and get Dudie ready. As we left, I spent 10mins looking for one of the dogs – who was hiding behind some shrubs in the garden. I thought she got out when Dude left but thought that it wasn’t possible as they never go out the gate. So I found her snuggled and still sleeping in the garden – next to her fkn kennel!

I was late but only a few minutes. It’s all good and I’ve decided that I am in no mood to work so I’m now shopping online. I’ve decide to take half day. So I’m picking up Dudie at 12:00 and then we’re going chocolate shopping. We I want need more Easter eggs. My Dude will be home sometime today – I’m doing the nah nah nah nah ‘cos I’ll be home way before him, well that’s depends on how long we’re shopping. He’s always home before me.

We’ll be attending mass at 7pm tonight. What will you be doing?

We’re spending the long weekend at home. Be safe everyone.

P.S. I hate being on the road when it’s holidays…

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  1. I remember having the twins in chairs outside the shower and as for dvd and choclate they are my best friends as usual a great read have a fab hol x

    • It was great to have dudie strapped in the doorway of the shower but now I can barely get 5mins of alone shower time. Oh, how blissful it was before he was mobile. Hehehe. Thanks, I intend to just lie around for the next couple of days and over indulge on chocolates. Enjoy your Easter break too

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