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Because it’s V-day

Because it’s V-day I thought I’d add my 2 cents…We are not phased by celebrating Valentines Day, as I do think its commercialised and just a marketing ploy to guilt people into feeling obligated to “do/buy” something for their significant other. Well, we celebrate our wedding anniversary on 3 Feb, and in case you missed it we just hit the 10 year mark. We sometimes forget that Valentines Day is a thing because actually it not OUR thing.

Don’t get me wrong, it is always great to receive flowers/gift/chocolates from your other half, you decide if he/she is the better half ūüėā But why should it be limited to just one day in a year? Technically, what is being said is that no one could be bothered the rest of the year but on Valentines day you’d better make sure that you conform to the norms of society.

Well I say fuck it! We don’t conform to the norms of society. We have special days in our house ALL the time, albeit that Dude is the instigator. Man alive my Dude is a romantic‚̧ԳŹ My Dudie, 7years old, is learning from his Dad how to be romantic and how to treat a woman. He sees the love.

Dudie bought myself and his valentine, a girl in his class, a rose each. I asked him what a valentine does or is suppose to do? You know cos this Mom needs to know what information is being shared on the playgroud….Thankfully according to Dudie a valentine just gives each other a flower/gift. And by the way, the girl asked him…I thought it was odd as he never bothered with it before. I used to be the old girl that got his gifts‚ėļÔłŹ I cringe thinking about what discussions transpire on playgrounds. Do you know what your kids are discussing with their peers?

So here’s to Valentines DayūüćĺWhether you celebrate it or not, enjoy either way….

Spirited Mama


My favourites right now…


These are just some of my favourites right now….And you can definitely see it’s beginning to show on my ass to…I know it aint the resident alien that showing on my ass…

Have you tasted the double cream strawberries and cream yoghurt from Woolworths? It is divine…

Have you seen and experienced the Lindt shop at The Mall of Africa? YOU MUST! They give you chocolates whilst you browse…And package your goodies in a pretty brown Lindt paper bag… Be prepared to spend a small fortune….I wonder if I can trade a piece of my liver….

Always loved lime/lemon in my lemonade…only this time my drinks are sans alcohol as I am carrying the¬†resident alien…We have 17 weeks to go. Eek!!! Can’t¬†believe how quickly it’s going.

Our new purple rose plant…

How pretty are the¬†50 year anniversary Appletiser and Grapetiser cans…collectable? I already hoard way too much….

Spirited Mama

Cadbury’s Peanut Tumbles.. I miss you…


Where do I even start??? I am so pissed actually. I have been hunting down Cadbury‘s Peanut Tumbles but can’t find it anywhere…Like nowhere in Pretoria can I find just one freaking packet…And what gets to me is that this hunt has been on for a long long long ass time now.

Cadbury this is my plea to you. Please bring Peanut tumbles back….

Love how you say “Let the joy find you” well I am searching and just not finding MY joy!!!!

Spirited Mama

Easter 2013… It’s really over… Already…

And now we wait for … Christmas!!!!! Seriously, where has the year gone?

So after our Roadtrip, we wished for the Easter long weekend. Not that I want to wish time away, we just wanted the time-off from work…

(As soon as I got to work on Monday, Dude bbm’s me that we need to find a place to book for the weekend. The long weekend. Easter weekend!!! I don’t think that my Dude realises that other folks book “peak” holiday periods almost a year, if not longer in advance!!!!! I really tried for a day. Google/I called/I researched… But then reality hit me – This is task is putting me under duress!!! And I’m not having it. And I relayed that message as is to Dude. And that was the end of it. I also said that he can find a place if he wants to go away. I’m done. See no more stressing. Me counting down the working hours until the long weekend!!!! Happiness)

The Spirited Household loves loves loves chocolate!!!!! We are obsessed. I kid you not! I had been “Easter” shopping since January :-). Generally, chocolate lasts a week tops in our house. And it usually ends up with someone being pissed off/ crying/whining/moaning that “their” chocolate is gone!!!! We are ALL guilty of this. We take turns. We do not share chocolate easily. Not even with each other…Dude has mastered a technique – he grabs, runs off, rips the wrapping in the getaway process and gobbles it down. Me – I wait until after dark ūüôā when they’re asleep. Or I sneak it whilst cooking or supposedly going to put on more comfy clothes/shoes in the bedroom – ALONE! Dude – just tells us straight “I’m NOT sharing” and that’s that… See why Dudie perfected his routine. Genius child of mine.

So I bought some chocolate. I tried to restrain myself. It was tough but I kinda managed. But I also sent Dude with instructions on what to buy as we really needed more.¬† Needless to say¬† when he saw the stash, he freaked a bit “But why did you ask me to buy more?” Oh, 3 bunnies were omitted in the pic as I forgot about them…. The Dude stashed them without my knowledge. He only told me on Sunday that there were three other bunnies too.

Behold: (seeing this made me feel like a kid again)

stash 2

I did a mad dash through the garden to hide the Easter treats(Not all of the above though) as a very patient yet excited little boy was getting ready for his Hunt on Saturday… I did bribe him with the Hunt so he could have an afternoon nap so technically we had chocolate late afternoon…

We do not go to church on Good Friday. (generally, I really can’t imaging sitting through an extended service with Dudie.) But do go to the “Service of Light” on Easter Sunday at 5:30am. Yes, all 3 of us!!!! It’s as special as the midnight mas s on Christmas Eve. A tradition that I hope we can continue ever and ever, as Dudie would say. This year, I thought the service starts at 5am. So I mentally psyched myself as well as the boys for the early rise on Sunday. And I bribed Dudie to be good and go to bed early so that we can watch them light the Easter candle in “The Garden of remembrance”¬† at Church and then light our candles and sit inside church, we sit in the mother’s room on Sundays – less drama and no one even notices any disruptions, then have breakfast and score a free easter egg at church. Win-win all round.

I rally the boys thinking that the service starts at 5am. We arrive at Church 5:15am… Then I say to Dude – maybe you were right. Maybe the service starts at 5:30… “cos it highly unlikely that its only these few cars at church… Well we were very early. We got a good spot in the garden and a great seat in church. A lovely hearty breakfast and a few easter eggS!!!! Happiness all round.

Oh, Dudie asked if we could please do another hunt. In our house it’s all about compromise. So I said sure but only if we hide the eggs you got yesterday. He agreed. So we had our 2nd Easter hunt on Sunday. The dogs caught onto the chocolate hunt and ate stole some bunnies wrappers and all… Thankfully, Dudie lost count of how many he was supposed to have.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter and that you actually remember the “true” meaning of celebrating Easter. Dudie told and retold us the story about Jesus dying on the cross and how God was sad, the people were naughty and all sorts of things but it always ended with the question “Does God and Jesus have lots of Easter eggs in Heaven?” I downloaded some stories on my Ipad. Great! But one of them¬†really became my favourite – the one that had the Narrator with a Chinese accent. Funny peculiar…

So we stayed home and over indulged in chocolate. Dude gave Dudie strict instruction that¬†he’s only allowed two Easter eggs per day. Of course the¬†genius child chose the bigger bunnies first… Smart kid that one.

Spirited Mama

Laryngitis and Lindt Chocolate Bunnies

Ok, so after we attended my brother’s wedding in Cape Town¬†we got back and I was still feeling under the weather… Ok ok, that’s an understatement. I was “vrot¬†siek”!!!!

I got back to work on Tuesday, I was supposed to be at work on Monday but due us not being able to get seats on a flight home we spent and extra day in Cape Town. We did nothing but behave like tourists. We went up Table Mountain. We went to Lagoon Beach in Milnerton. Had drinks at Wang Tong… Then off to Canal Walk¬†where somehow we ended up at Cape Town Fishmarket¬†and had the yummiest food…. Yes we were hungry but the food was glorious!

We headed back to my Aunt’s place and laughed and chatted and repacked and got ready for bed… (we were to be at the airport at 4:30am — SERIOUSLY— as we were on standby and we didn’t want to miss a seat to get home).¬† We I fell into bed just after midnight and when my alarm went off at 4am I was dead on my feet.

We left a little late but got there just after 5am waited and eventually was told that we will be put on the next available flight. Now bear in mind that it was Post Cape Argus¬†Cycle Tour weekend and getting a seat on a aeroplane¬†is well almost impossible¬† – even to those who paid the¬†full airfare… So I took Dudie t the¬†side, we played in the¬†terminal building a bit, the boys went to get coffee and we ended up flat on the floor very close to the standby counter drooling over our weekend pictures.

Dudie eventually drifted off to sleep on my lap.  <Why do we always need to pee at the most in opportune times? Murphy!!!> Luckily, we were checked onto the 7am flight so it wasnt too long of a wait. When we left on Friday morning it was raining in Pretoria. When we landed in Johannesburg it was raining! WTF! We got home. Unpacked like SPeedy Gonzalez, and all fell into bed for a nap!!!! We woke late afternoon and teh boys went to get takeout whilst I tidied up a bit.  We packed and got ready for work and school and just had hot baths and back to bed.

It was a tiring yet amazing time spent with family. We created memories that we will treasure forever. And my Dudie is strengthen his¬†¬†with the family more and more…. <We’ll be back in April guys>

But back to the¬†point. I managed to get through my work day, without a voice on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I headed to the¬†Doctor, as a precaution because the voice was just not coming back. And I lost it the¬†previous Friday already….Well, turns out my vocal chords were badly swollen and with all the¬†bugs, colds and flus¬†going¬†around I was not doing myself a favour by going to work. I was booked off for the¬†rest of the¬†week with strict instruction to stay in bed and rest. As Dudie was also suffering with post nasal drip for 2weeks¬†things in the¬†Spirited Household was not all fun. interrupted¬†sleep. Snot. Coughs. Aches and pains… And just when you think you’re on the¬†mend someone gets the sniffles again…. I was about ready¬†to put us all into a freakin bubble.

I had intended to do the 21km “Old Mutual Om die Dam” race at Hartebeespoort Dam¬†on Saturday¬†but was given a very firm “NO Racing” instruction by the GP too. So what do you do when you are booked off sick???? I absolutely can not stay in bed for more than 24hours¬†unless I’m hospitalised and they force me to. I have too many other things that I want to do than lie in bed all day ūüôā

This is what I did:


Drop Dudie at school, late of course. Off to the¬†GP. Get home. Administer meds. straight to bed. Fetch Dudie as the guilt just get s to me that I can’t fetch him everyday cos I get home too late.


Drop Dudie, even later than yesterday. Off to shops to pick up few thing. Off to¬†Makro, for a road trip must have – another cooler box just smaller cos we need a plug in “inside” too. It’s just no fun having to stop to grab stuff from the back. LOL. Fetch Dudie early again….


Drop Dudie midway through his music lesson – total mommy fail….LMAO! STraight to the shops. Hunt for that perfect bikini ūüôā I found one. Just not convinced it’s¬† “that” one. Off to other shops for a jacket that I made the¬†store assistant locate on the system for me. Fetch Dudie and veg out in the lounge. We even set up the¬†tent in the LOUNGE! That’s how we roll…

Amongst all of this Dudie was loving the¬†fact that I couldn’t talk…I couldnt say¬†NO or reprimand him. I raised my voice a few times out if frustration for the boys but they obviously didn’t¬†even realise that I was upset…. I consumed copious¬†amounts of Lindt¬†chocolate¬†Bunnies, this is in preparation for EASTER! Of course. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. LOrd knows you can go into shock when you consume too much chocolate. So I was not about to take a chance.

I’m still a bit croaky but on teh mend. I’m at work but ready to dash out of here to gp pack for our Road Trip.

We’re road trippin tomorrow!!!!!!! Happy Dance!


P.S. I need to do soem work but will post soem pics from our Cape Town trip soon.

And this is the day before Good Friday…

I normally get up around 5am, but most days I sleep until 5:40am. If I do that disaster strikes, as then it becomes like those trolley dash competitions in my house. I literally fly through everything and on the trip to work; I get to second guess myself wondering if I locked everything.

Today was ok until I decided to get out of bed. I slept in Dudie‚Äôs bed as he woke up crying at 1am and I was not prepared to take him to our room. His room is so much warmer. So Dude comes to greet us before he leaves, and under my breath I mumbled ‚ÄúDo not wake This child‚ÄĚ.

2yrold is no fun. For the record, I did not co-sleep. It was not my style. Some days I want to kick Dude out of our bed too. You, the parent, do not sleep properly. You get kicked and slapped (not intentionally ‚Äď my child is a restless sleeper) and basically you feel more tired than you did before you went to bed.>

I get up, as quietly as I possibly could, but Dudie¬†was up before my feet even touched the ground! I like the quiet time before he wakes. I get to shower, make coffee, pack the car, do what I need to do, and then wake Dudie and get him ready. When he wakes with me or before I‚Äôm ready for him ‚Äď I‚Äôm screwed. So this is how it went down this morning;

5:20am ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Mama & Dudie get up. Mama wants to shower so I bribe the child with a DVD and some milk. Luckily before I got in the shower he tells me that he needs the toilet. <He has cried for the toilet before ‚Äď and it‚Äôs not a pretty sight when I have to jump out the shower half soaped/face wash in my eyes as I have not rinsed yet.>¬†Lightbulb moment, put child on toilet and I have a 5min¬†shower. I pulled the door a bit so that the steam could escape but I could still supervise Dudie. Problem was that when I rinsed and decided to get out the shower the kid had disappeared. I found half a roll of toilet paper on the floor. The toilet was not flushed. And I‚Äôm damn sure he didn‚Äôt wash his hands. So I set off to find him, remember I‚Äôm dripping¬†water all over the house. I find this child of mine in the kitchen getting chocolate out of the cupboard so that he can go sit in his room and watch his movie. We¬†I, flush toilet, wash his hands, give him vitamins and decided stuff it, I‚Äôm going to get ready for today and Dudie will do what he does best. He will be a 2yr old.

30 mins later, I‚Äôm good to go and get Dudie¬†ready. As we left, I spent 10mins¬†looking for one of the dogs ‚Äď who was hiding behind some shrubs in the garden. I thought she got out when Dude left but thought that it wasn‚Äôt possible as they never go out the gate. So I found her snuggled and still sleeping in the garden ‚Äď next to her fkn kennel!

I was late but only a few minutes. It‚Äôs all good and I’ve decided that I am in no mood to work so I‚Äôm now shopping online. I‚Äôve decide to take half day. So I‚Äôm picking up Dudie at 12:00 and then we‚Äôre going chocolate shopping. We I want need¬†more Easter eggs. My Dude will be home sometime today ‚Äď I‚Äôm doing the nah nah¬†nah nah ‚Äėcos I‚Äôll be home way before him, well that’s depends on how long we’re shopping. He‚Äôs always home before me.

We’ll be attending mass at 7pm tonight. What will you be doing?

We’re spending the long weekend at home. Be safe everyone.

P.S. I hate being on the road when it’s holidays…

I’m in the job market again

Karma, I’m putting myself out there in the hopes that I’ll find a J.O.B closer to home. SOON. For my own sanity.

I think I found a temporary solution. This will allow me¬†the flexibility¬†to work around the little man’s schedule and pay me a salary and I’ll so luvvvvvvvvv this job. Can I do this from home?

I could just become a chocolate taster? Serious! Any vacancies out there?

Cadburys / Nestle/ Lindt/ Anyone in the chocolate industry can email me.

<The cadburys link appears to be broken?>

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