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My favourites right now…


These are just some of my favourites right now….And you can definitely see it’s beginning to show on my ass to…I know it aint the resident alien that showing on my ass…

Have you tasted the double cream strawberries and cream yoghurt from Woolworths? It is divine…

Have you seen and experienced the Lindt shop at The Mall of Africa? YOU MUST! They give you chocolates whilst you browse…And package your goodies in a pretty brown Lindt paper bag… Be prepared to spend a small fortune….I wonder if I can trade a piece of my liver….

Always loved lime/lemon in my lemonade…only this time my drinks are sans alcohol as I am carrying the resident alien…We have 17 weeks to go. Eek!!! Can’t believe how quickly it’s going.

Our new purple rose plant…

How pretty are the 50 year anniversary Appletiser and Grapetiser cans…collectable? I already hoard way too much….

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  1. I love lemonade with lemon in it. And gosh yes, that Lindt shop is pure heaven

    • I can’t get enough of lemonade. I know it’s laced with sugar but I just can’t help it. I have also now opted for the sugar-free drinks at Woolworths. Loing it!

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