**Disclaimer – Jeanne-Riette, from MammaChefJozi, received a gift card to purchase any item on her wish list from Wellness Warehouse. The views and opinions expressed are Jeanne-Riette’s own. Photo credits go to Jeanne-Riette too as all images were supplied by her 🙂 **

I decided to feature a series of Wellness posts to find out how other moms #LiveLifeWell The purpose of this series is to enlighten readers and show you how small changes can yield big results for you and your family too.

Part 3 – LiveLifeWell with Wellness Warehouse & MammaChef Jozi


MammaChef Jozi – Jeanne-Riette

1. The woman behind MammaChef Jozi – meet Jeanne-Riette

MammaChef Jozi is a blog that started around a table and it revolves mostly about what’s on the table, i.e. the food, the treats, and of course the wine.
It’s also about who’s around the table, the stories that are told around the table and often even about what we do to put food on the table.
Sometimes it’s about what makes you want to bang your head on the table and even occasionally, dancing for joy on the table!
In short, it’s family, food and feels!

2. Why you choose to #livelifewell

My food philosophy is really very simple. I believe in cooking healthy, uncomplicated meals with fresh ingredients. I choose to #LiveLifeWell in all aspects of life, looking after our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, doing our bit for the environment and doing good where and when we can.
Obviously this all sounds very idealistic and life does tend to happen. Sometimes just getting through the day and ending it off with a warm plate of food and a glass of wine is enough!

3. Share with us what you bought at Wellness Warehouse

Wellness Warehouse makes it easy to #LiveLifeWell with their wonderful variety of products for eating and lifestyle.
With a new school year on the horizon, I decided to focus on healthy snacks for school. I have been experimenting with different kinds of “energy balls” for a while now and the kids absolutely love them!
What’s great about these is that they’re affordable to make, I know exactly what has gone into them, making them is a fun activity for the boys and I and you can really use your imagination and combine all kinds of ingredients!

What I bought at Wellness Warehouse

My voucher from WW really went a long way! I bought:
Steel cut oats
Almond butter
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Raw almonds
Dried cranberries
Raw honey and
Wazoogles Superfood Powder (which I am a little obsessed with, I got two different ones)

Wazoogles Superfoods

From this I will be making at least three different types of energy balls, which I will be posting on the blog leading up to school starting on 16 January 2019! On the menu are Cranberry, Vanilla and Nut balls, Chocolate Brownie balls and some Almond Date balls. I can pop them in the freezer in the meantime and when needed, pack them in the lunchbox with some fruit and rice cakes, egg wraps or a sandwich.

Where to find MammaChef Jozi:

Blog: https://www.mammachefjozi.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mammachefjozi

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mammachefjozi

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mammachefjozi

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mammachefjozi

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Spirited Mama


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