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Fruit is NOT his favourite

Fruit is not high on his list

FF = Fruit Fail!!!! (I’m coming up with new terminology daily)

I *heart* fruit and whilst I was preggars, I ate so much fruit until someone warned me about pregnancy related diabetes…  But I still *heart* fruit. Even now I’m munching on an apple. And I have a banana lined up for later.

I have a 2yr old who wants to die when I offer him fruit. I know for a fact that he eats it at school, so I’m not too stressed that he doesn’t eat it at home. But I’ve come across Fruit Pack. A fruit pureé that is package like a juice…… (I’m starting to smile). Just maybe I can pull this off and add to my “mommy bag of tricks”.

Fruit on the go

Fruit pack – fruit on the go

On Saturday, we skipped off to our Baby City for the usual:

Nappies (thanks to the Pampers bale packs), wetwipes, bubblewash and Fruit Pack.  I decided to get the apple and pear. I think you need to come up with a variety pack so that Dudie can experiment with all the flavours. Well, I showed it to the Dudie. His face lights up and he takes his first gulp. I hold my breath as I can see him swirling that pureé in his mouth and it looks like he’s about to spit it out. But alas, he swallows and say, mmmmmm.

Success! I have now decided that I will be doing fruit packs in his treat box. And this is what today looked like:

P.S. If anyone working for Fruit Pack reads this, please do a variety pack too.

P.P.S Dudie gets all meals and snacks at school but I still pack a treat box everyday. And I love the fact that he looks forward to his treats.

P.P.P.S When will this child just stop using nappies already? He says when he wants to use the loo and then happily comments “see nothing in nappy”. WTF?

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  1. I have never tried these as my children adore fruit but I’m glad that this do work for your little one 🙂

  2. blessedbarrenness

    I think I must get a couple of packs for little Miss Fussy aka Ava to try!
    Don’t stress about the potty training! I tried training Ava at 20 months and again at 2 and she just wasn’t ready. At exactly 2 and a half she trained in less than a week! When the time is right he’ll do it all himself!

    • Just this morning he woke up and told me, “Look, nothing in nappy”. I’ve decided what will be will be. And he’ll get off the nappy when he’s good and ready. Dude, is a good eater but a fusspot when it comes to fruit. So I make smoothies, ice-lollies , everything to get fruit into.

  3. This snack is a little young for the fruit eating creatures in my house. I have one son who refuses to eat bananas….we even tried to bribe him….NOPE! To bad because bananas have been proven to aid in prevention of doctors visits just like the good old apple. Have a great day!

    • Both Dude & I agree that it’s does in fact taste good. My child also refuses to eat bananas…. Another mommy trick I found on the net, Banana Ice-cream. Will do a mini post soon

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