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Greetings from…. Mauritius!!!!!!!!

Dear Blog

I apologise for neglecting you but things have been really busy in Spiritville.

Apart from having great family time, i’ve technically resigned from my JOB to start a new one only 7km’s from home!!!! We had to make plans, calculate and recalculate finances and then just decided stuff it We’re going to Mauritius! And that’s that.

So here we are on an all inclusive package. An over supplu of food, desserts and drinks….wow,, these guys serve loads of drinks….

it is hot, the beach is beautiful oh and Dudie cries to go to the kids club. He adores the ladies at the club. So off i go to have La Pointe, a yellow green cocktail-delicious, and to breathe in Mauritius…




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I need a new pillow! STAT!!!


Still here….


  1. Trust you are doing well, it’s been a while since you blogged

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