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Who’s eating who?

Recently, I have read a few blogs that I found rather disturbing. Some people were thrashing bloggers. Some were feeling sorry for themselves (re: I’m currently in that groove too) and some were just not there optimistic selfs….

Why do we seek approval from others? We are our own worst enemies. Society dictates what a real:

1. Mom is

2. Wife is

3. Friend

4. Blogger

Etc etc etc…. My list is endless. When I only have one point to make, “I can only do my best!” It might not be ideal or conform to the “norms” of society but it’s what I can give. If you like me, then like me. If you don’t then so be it.

So as I sit here and try and pull myself towards myself, I say keep your head high! You matter to someone! Smile and breathe…..


Amazing Race Cape Town


I’m here but my mind is NOT….


  1. Alias M.

    My point exactly!

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