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Dial 6 for Room Service

So I made it through the first day and although I had good intentions of relaxing from 3:30ish, I only finished at 18:30! And we have a networking Cocktail function from 19:00…. So I made my way to the networking session and decided that I’m really not up to it and I made a run for it.

I’m cold because every venue you enter has the aircon on full blast as if it’s 30 degrees outside…. WTF! In fact, I think its equally as cold inside and outside. I returned to my room. I’ve ordered some room service and I’m now lying in a warm bed with the aircon slightly turned up in my room. I’m going eat in bed. I’m going to jump on my bed. I’m going to sleep diagonally across this bed tonight, all because I can 🙂

I’m going to have one “moerse” looongggg HOT bath! With loads of bubbles. I’d like to have a pretty cocktail but I’d like to have it in my PJ’s! Not sure that I’ll be allowed at the bar in my PJ’s. The Hotel is amazing. It has 3 escalators and lots of lifts and pretty chandeliers and very comfy couches. The rooms are great. Very spacious. a view from the lift on my floor, I’m quite high up.








So for now, I’m lying in bed try to coax myself into doing some work….I think I’d much rather stare out the window.

P.S. Tonight I have the TV remote all to myself yet there’s not much to choose from? Murphy, seriously!

P.P.S I’m so going to sleep in tomorrow. Will probably miss the morning session but I’m so not going to let this opportunity pass by!


I felt like the Queen Mother…..

OMG!!!!!! I have arrived to a rather glum overcast Cape Town but at least it’s not freezing and or raining…. My Airport transfer was late, and this after I waited 15 minutes for my bag to arrive… handluggage is a max of 8kg’s and mine was 10kgs???? Nevertheless, at least I got bumped to Business Class…>

This was probably the longest flight ever. I kept dosing off as I am slightly sleep deprived, running on empty with 3hours of sleep… I eventually got my bag only to realise that my ride has not arrived? I call, they say they’re on their way. Prior to my departure, I gave myself a peptalk about how relaxed and laidback CPT is. There is no rush. The rush only exists in GP!

The driver arrived and it took all of 20minutes to drive to the Cape Sun hotel. OMG! They open the door for you. They carry your bags. By the time you arrive at the reception, they know who you are and they’ve stored your luggage and present you with a tag! All within record time. As I arrived early for check – in and I was not about to go into a room with 300 people staring at me as I disturb a session, the friendly lady at the reception gave me an access to card to the Fitness centre, where I could freshen up. I could shower if I wanted to. I was in awe. On the 32nd floor, I stared at myself in the mirrors, sat on their plush wingbacks and then came back down to the business centre. You know, to catch up on work and all. (Read: BLOG!)

The room was disturbing quietly so I came to plop down in the lounge, ordered a coffee and did some work…. Well, there a beautiful white baby grand piano in front of me which is causing great distraction. I really really want to put on my sunglasses and go pull a “Stevie Wonder”  on myself. But I’m afraid, if they see me doing that they won’t let me stay in the hotel.

I’m now preparing to join my colleagues for lunch and then I have to be enthusiastic about the Conference…. I would much rather catch the Red City Sightseeing bus, it’s constantly passing the hotel.

So on that note, have a good day peeps.

Singing out, The Queen Mother, aka Spirited Mama

P.S. I told Dude that when they arrive he must bring Dudie so that we can jump on my bed 🙂 My boys arrive tomorrow. I’m so jealous as they will be on holiday and doing tourist things whilst I sit in sessions all day!

Leaving on a JetPlane to go smell a sea breeze

TOmorrow morning, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane to Cape Town. It is work related but only until Friday! We have such a hectic schedule but come Friday afternoon, it’s all pleasure no business.

Hopefully the weather plays along. *Oh please can we have sunny days in Cape Town*

Before I depart, I need to submit two assignments and a freaking report!!!!!! I just don’t have the energy and I’d much rather be going home to spend a few extra hours with my boys…

So on that note, Have a good week y’all.


Swimming with the fishes

A few years back, Dude decided that he wanted a fish tank. And if you know about fish tanks, you need to have an established stable eco system before you can add fish. Technically, you set up your tank with everything except fish. Let it run/stand for a few days then add fish. Well, my dude didn’t listen. And he added almost 30 fish instantly. And needless to say they started dying… That was an expensive exercise but a lesson well learnt.

Fast forward a few years and in November/December last year he decided to get another fish tank. He got an established tank with fish from a friend who was relocating. Well, those fish died. (I think they were neglected ‘cos they looked pretty sad when they arrived) Dude tried everything but they didn’t make it. So he decided that he’ll breed snails until he knows what he wants to do with the new tank. Then last weekend, some of the bigger fish picked and nipped a Bala shark and Dudie noticed that the shark was stuck.

Half his tail was gone. They literally bit it off. So we run to start operation shark rescue. After we all tried to catch this shark in the net, this bugger was fast, Dude eventually got him and ran to the other tank to deposit him safely into his new home. (This looked like a scene straight from ER – I kid you not)

So now Mr Bala Shark lives in peace and harmony with snails.

Last night, Dudie starts crying. So we follow the sound ‘cos you can hear that this is a seriously sad cry with snot…. We find him at the tank and he’s crying because that sharks wants to go swim with the other fish. He doesn’t want to be alone. He’s unhappy and distraught and we are trying to explain that his tail was bitten and he needs to recuperate on his own blah blah blah… Then my Dude says, Look! Do you see that his back tail is broken. “Back tail”. Really , I cracked myself and asked so how many tails does a fish have? He just smiled. Don’t you just love how silly one can get when you’re trying to explain something?  I must admit, it’s not as funny when I make the mistake…. I’m don’t want to  be wrong and I take things way too seriously. But hey, maybe that’s how we balance each other. Or complement one another.

So Dude promised Dudie that they’ll go buy a fish friend for the shark tomorrow. And Dudie was happy tat Mr Shark will have a friend. Alls well that ends well.

Happy Friday Folks.

P.S. This morning Dudie sounded like he was chanting a spell of some sort… When I asked him what he was saying, he responded “Daddy, please can I have my puppy? I want to play with my puppy” I promise I had nothing to do with it and I did not in any way indicate to this child that he will get a puppy today. (We have discussed it way way way before but Dude wa snot keen as we already have dogs.)  He practised how he was going to ask his Dad for a puppy???

I alerted Dude, after I dropped Dudie, and Dude responded with a ‘Maybe we get a rabbit for now”????  We’ll see how that goes down with Dudie…

I’m lurking in the background….

I’m juggling tons of balls at the moment but I am still around…

 I’ve been crazy busy and right now as I sit at my desk, I could use a Cloud nine mattress, we got one for Dudie and my word – it is so heavenly to lie on that bed!

So my wish list for now:

Cloud Nine mattress

Peanut tumbles

Coca cola (ice cold)

A great movie – I would’ve said book but I’m just too tired to read &/comprehend what is happening. Hell you could even put on a meaningless teeny comedy – just so that I have something to doze off to.


I am dreaming of being refreshed and revitalised. And hopefully that will happen soon…

See you in a while crocodile

P.S. This morning’s conversation with Dudie.

He started singing a song and all I could make out was that Jesus was knocking on the door. I’m terribly bad with remembering nursery rhymes/songs/bible phrases/hymns/etc – So if anyone knows this one, please send me a you tube link where you actually sing it. Doesn’t help just having the words ‘cos lately all my songs have the “Baa Baa black sheep/Twinkle Twinkle melody”

Dudie: Singing, Jesus knocking on the door…. Mama, why is Jesus knocking?

Me: ‘cos he wants to live in your heart, baby.

Dudie: In my heart? Why?

Me: (I was not really awake yet as I’m currently suffering from exhaustion – but which parent isn’t) “cos he loves you  and wants you to do all good things in his name. That also means that you need to be good and listen all the time. And you cannot be rude…

Dudie: Ok, but I did pray already!

Oi, you’ve got to love this child 🙂


Tea with a twist!

It’s Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need this weekend!

So I’ve been having a very productive & extremely busy week. Last night I get home and Dude & Dudie were at the swimming lesson. So I drop all my stuff and prepare an awesome “moer by” pasta… (sausage/mushrooms/carrots/baby marrows/onions/peppers/pasta & cream – Delish!)

That took all of 25 mins. By the time the boys walked in, I was dishing pasta into their bowls. So we sit for Dinner. The Dudie goes apeshit as he took a serving of only carrots – and refused to swallow. Eventually, he ate but all around the carrots. Dude get his bath ready and off I skip to go bath my son. After asking/raising my voice/begging/bribing with custard he eventually gets in the bath. Generally, I would wash him immediately, and then he plays until I’ve read his communication book/newsletter/bbm’d/ or check mail on my phone.Last night was no different, so I read book and newsletter. Make mental notes and then Dudie offers me “tea”. He put bath water into small little caps and containers, you know the ones that are thrown into the bath along with all the squeaky bath toys!

Immediately, I thought, there’s no way I’m drinking that! What if he pee’d in the water. Even if he didn’t, the water is filled with soap and bubbles/dead skin cells as I had just washed him…. So I thought – distraction! He was so happy that we were having a “tea party”. Everytime I had to drink my “tea” I’d say look and point in any direction and chuck the water over my shoulder… Well he was happy that we had “tea” and the bathroom floor was soaked as I kept throwing water on the floor.

After the whole bed time ritual – he asked instructed Dude to go put Dudie to bed as I have to work on my assignments. That worked well. I did end up working until past midnight but I did reward myself with proper teas and this………..









Amarula…. met ys……..Ja!

It was cold and I figured that I could just enjoy the drink without having my hand freeze. So I used my mug:-)

This morning conversation was about rules…He asked to take something to school and I explained that the school has rules about bringing stuff… Usually after I explain something, I ask him to repeat it so that I know how he comprehends my messages… Well, let just say that this was a complete miss as clearly he wasn’t listening…

Me: So what are rules?

Dudie: Cock a doo dle doo….

Me: Baby that’s a rooster. We’re talking about rules.

Dudie: Mama, the light is green. Go go go

And that’s where I left it.


Happy friday folks.



I went all Martha on myself!

I read this post about Doing it all by Raising Men and it got me thinking about how I think pretend to be superwoman. And whilst superwoman is flying high suddenly she gets hit by some turbulence and crash lands. But she gracefully gets up, dusts herself and takes to the sky again. This process is on repeat in my world. How do I stop it? Do I want to stop it? After much deliberation, I’ve realised that “that” crash landing is my coping mechanism. I quit smoking in January this year and although I’ve been temtped when facing trying times I’ve stuck to my guns and have not smoked again.

My crash landing is generally somewhere between me having a very very FUGLY cry or me sitting alone in the dark after the everyone’s in bed not being able to focus on anything as I have a gazillion things/ideas/plans/voices wreaking havoc in my head. Sometimes I might even have  a hissy fit and just let rip (read: throw my toys out the cot and scream at Dude). I really try not to take it out on Dudie but damn it’s tough. With Dudie, I kinda do and say stuff without the usual emotions involved. (True story – as Dude pointed this out to me). It really sad ‘cos I can see him distance himself from me at times.

But as we know nobody is perfect. We all have our flaws. And we all try our best. And our best is all we can give. So with that in mind, if you need to have a cry – cry. Put on some mascara and lipgloss and you’ll be ready to face the world again 🙂

Yesterday, after I missed my bus and then the next bus was delayed and then I git a later train, etc, etc, etc… Still, I got home in record time but my mood was a bit “off”. not sure why but as I walked into to the doorway, Dudie greeted me very enthusiastically with a smile but from a distance. When I approached him he ran off. Everytime I tried to get close to him, he ran off. My heart was torn, a bit. But after him showing me how he can do a tumble(bomme la kisie – for those of you that understand that term) and how the fish and oscar can too, and after telling me about his teacher and who know what else he was mumbling, he eventually let me hug him. And then he came to tell me arms stretched out that he loves me to the end of the earth and back(and then when you get to the word back – we hug). My heart melted and I forgot all about that rejection… By the way this is how I tell him how much I love him, all the time.

He saw Dude wanting to chuck the Ultramel custard and went all “Pleease can I  have custard?” We tried to explain that the custard has been in the fridge for a few days, well we don’t really know how long, and we not sure that it’s still edible – He can’t have. Immediately, my light bulb came on, as I realised that I have custard powder in he cupboard. Well , I organised the Dudie, who of course offered to help.

I then made a bread pudding and custard. My kid thinks I’m the greatest as I can make custard 🙂

Exhibit A








exhibit B – My portion










And this is how I went all Martha Stewart on myself. I’m so proud of well I handle the “ups” but I’m not so sure about the “down” period. Luckily, in my opinion, it seems that the recovery period in “down” is so much quicker than before.

P.S. Today’s school drive conversation with Dudie

We drive past a building with animal statues every morning. And it’s the best game ever to spot as many animals as possible. I watch his reaction in my mirror whilst driving ‘cos you know I still need to keep an eye on the road too.

Me: I see the Giraffes

Dudie: I can’t see

<There was a bus driving next to us and I was trying to slow down and not influence the traffic too much but I could see my plan was not working quick enough for him.>

Dudie: The bus needs to go fast. I can’t see!!! I can’t see! Jusses(yes, I know it’s bad to use the lord’s name in vain – but who hasn’t). Come on man!

Me: You know that’s not nice. I know that you’re frustrated but maybe you can express yourself in a different manner.

Dudie: Rolls his eyes at me… Oh my Gosh! Jusses. Come on man!

I nearly pee’d my pants trying not to laugh. This child is not even three. I sent Dude a message about the incident and very politely mentioned that “jusses, Come on man” is his saying…. I’m yet to receive a reply.

P.P.S Let me get on with being super careerwoman now.


Please can I see yours?

Show me yours

Over the weekend the Spirited family went to the Mall for some shopping/gaming/chilling….oh and eating out of course. Well, let’s just say that it was a bit touch and go for a while at Ocean Basket. Firstly, our waiter did not really understand us clearly. Seemed that he was battling to converse in English. Secondly, to avoid any mishaps, we left Dudie strapped into his pram and just pushed him up to the table. Confined child=semi-controllable toddler.

Well, 30 mins into our meal Dude pipes up “Dudie, you have ruined my Ocean Basket experience every single time. Next time, I’m coming alone!” Well, I thought that I should just give him a voucher to go eat at Ocean Basket for his Birthday!

As we progressed through the day, Dudie informs me that he needs to go poo poo toilet. Ok, now I’m not fond of public toilets and the thought of a baby change room gives me the hibbygeebees…. Well off we went to the family room and Dudie did his thing. I get him ready to go and I say “oh, mama needs to pee, just hold on”.

This followed:

Dudie: Mama, long pause, where’s your p.en.is?

Me: Huh? Excuse me. What did you say?

Dudie: Where’s your p.e.ni.s?

Me: Baby, I don’t have one. I have a v.ag.ina. Girls have v.a.g.ni.as…

<Please bear in mind that there were other moms waiting to use the room, and the sound travels well in that room.>

Dudie: Please can I see.

Then he started begging. So after me bribing telling him that we’re off to play some games and that I can show him mine when we at home….

When we left the room, all the moms were giggling….I wonder why?

On a different note:

This morning I asked him if they are practising for the school concert yet? And what will they be doing? He informed me that they will be doing Nothing…. So I rephrased and asked if they will sing? He answered again with “Nothing” Then I asked what do you mean nothing. And he started singing this song…. And that apparently is what he meant by “Nothing”. So now, I need to check with his teacher whether the song is called Nothing or maybe he is just tired of my probing 🙂

Spirited Mama

We live here!

I have been sitting with some random thought son how to improve our situation at home. Make it “Happier”….

Well After reading a post from the Colouredfulwife, I was reminded that we create our own happiness.

This was my comment to her post:

I too ration myself. I blog and believe me what I blog about is only a fraction of the mishaps in Spiritville. We would all like to have happy perfect homes but what we forget is that we can create it for ourselves. I saw a quote somewhere, “My house was clean, sorry you missed it. We live here” ANd I love it as having a spotless house does not make it a home. Having a students doesn’t mean your kids are happy. Ask me, I used to hide in my books! Enjoy YOUR life…

I consider us to be Christians. Not your average religious christians and I’m sure some people would gasp for air when they realise we actually DO belong to  a church, which we attend sporadically. Dude is superstitious.  Me not much. He has this thing about feathers. If you find a feather then it means God is present. Well a while ago I found a feather in Dudie’s room and I decided to keep it as I’m so happy that God is present in Dudie’s life. Well yesterday I came across said feather and decided to reposition it so as to not throw it away just yet.

This morning after my normal routine and prayer I thanked God for another day of new chances and tought, even if I never get a feather it’s ok as long as Dude and Dudie are getting them. After I strapped Dudie in I found a small feather on the driver seat. I was super chuffed and thought Thank you God for being in my life too. I repositioned it in the car and went on the usual drive to drop Dudie and then catch my ride. Well, I could not stop thinking about this feather. I concluded that we are going through a rough patch in our lives at the moment. After changing schools, I’m now a frequent traveller with the Gautrain, and well let’s just say our home organisation is a bit all over the place right now. We need to figure out  a schedule that works for us.

Well, on my journey to work, I met someone incredible and I think that all of the mornings happenings is a sign of greater things to come. I reminded myself that we do not know what God has planned for us. We are merely playing out our roles. We need to stress less and let God work his magic. Because ultimately, what’s happening now is not ideal according to us but maybe it is according to God.


Spirited Mama


Some more Awards? Whoop Whoop

I kid you not. I got some more recognition from fellow bloggers. Firstly, let me say that as you may have read Life has been taking it’s toll on me lately. Secondly, I really do appreciate the recognition. My nose will grow if I say that I’m not thrilled when I receive an award, even if they are but virtual awards. It’s still gives me a warm fuzzy 🙂

I received the following:

Peach State from Justbetween cousins, bestowed this upon Spirited Mama. Oh by the way you guys rock! Sorry for not always commenting


I appreciate the award but I’ve really been bad at blogging lately and I’m really just trying to keep my head above water right now. Can I link it back to my other acceptance post? Click here if you missed it.

Thirdly, I got a nod from Raising Men too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you N. Much appreciated. You know I dig your blog. That reminds me, why are you not responding to emails? I’ll be down in the mother city the end of August. Work related but I’d like to squeeze in some social time. And when I say squeeze, I mean that literally. Let me know if you’re interested.


And that’s its folks. I’ve bombarded you with info from my realm and now it’s time to sign off. It’s way past my bed time and I still have some reading to do. Happy week to all.


Spirited Mama


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