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9 Random facts about me, Spirited Mama

Why random facts?

In light of me trying to play catch up on my blog posts/admin/etc, I thought I’d share some random facts about me. To still keep some of my post lighthearted but not detract completely from my more serious post, e.g, my latest post, click here, in my current series 52 lessons for 52 weeks ( You can follow this series week by week to see what lessons I am teaching and/or learning as I go on my life’s journey.)

Random facts in no particular order

  1. I actually work. Like I have a day job. People seriously think that I do not work…how even? Do I dress up for the fun of it? Apparently, I’m so available to my kids that people really think I don’t work. In case you missed it, Mom of two little girls featured me in her series I Am More Than “Just A Mommy Blogger”.
  2. I have way to many pairs of shoes, that I actually never wear. Not because I don’t want to but because I have a few favourites that are my go to shoes. I have donated 30 pairs already and I’m currently busy with operation cleanup my cupboard…
  3. I have terrible #OCD tendencies…I freaking annoy myself, it’s THAT bad. Here’s a typical example; if Dude cleans the kitchen I WILL come back later and wipe the counters/stove/sink just so I know it’s clean according to MY standards. Believe me I have tried to let that shit go BUT it kills me to walk past the sink and it’s *not* clean…enough said
  4. I love a #Rubik’s cube but I have never actually gotten all the squares in the right order. As a household we, Dude, Dudie and I, are working on getting the Rubik’s cube in order. It’s a great way to pass time and just switch off for a while. We keep it on the dining room table so whoever walks past it will pick it up and give it a few twists.
  5. I am currently juggling a few balls in my life right now. If I play those balls correctly I may very well set up a little business this year.
  6. I always dreamed of being the “voice” in the Terminal building at airports. You know the one who announces “Passenger X this is your final boarding call for flight ABC 323. Please report to Gate 3.”
  7. I don’t take sugar in my coffee/tea. It’s been over 8 years now. I cringe if someone wants to add sugar to a beverage. BUT I do love chocolate. Don’t despair, I still get my sugar intake…
  8. I am very rigid with my kids routines. Especially the “Let’s get these kids to bed NOW routine”. Bedtime is 19:30 for both kids. For my own sanity and so that we can have some adult conversation without one of us being interrupted/falling asleep, etc…
  9. I love Tulips

    Random facts about Spirited Mama

    I absolutely adore Tulips.

Feel free to comment with a random fact(s) about yourself below.

Spirited Mama


Still here….


Whilst ET tried to call home, I wonder what he would do with all the technology of today, I’ve been working halfday, baking and cooking like Masterchef and really just enjoying my “free”time.

Technically, it’s not free time as the half of the day when I’m done at work is already filled with various activities but that’s life i suppose.  We’ve been indulging in our family time and spend more quality time together.  Can’t wait for Summer to hit the pool, or in my case swim off the extra weight….I pray it works.

The cooking and baking is definitely evident in my entire household, we all bought new clothes.  Need to make healthier variations.

I’m not even going to attempt catching up with my reader ‘cos its just not going to happen.

On that note, I’m less stressed at work.  Just when I do want to throw a Tantrum it’s time to go home.

Anybody in Pretoria want to have a cold one, let me know! Spiritedmamablog@gmail.coM tea/coffee/wine/beer/etc

for now let me watch Dudie swim, he’s just completed level 4!!!! And he dives! I can’t dive to save my life… Well done Dudie!

hope all is well with everyone

Spirited Mama


Observations in my home

I started this week on such a high, I was planning to just chillax… If you haven’t yet done so read about it here.

Sadly, that dream was shortlived!!!!! As I had back to back meetings and all kids of emergencies not long after I published that post… (Murphy!!!! Eff off)

So, today it occurred to me that certain things are happening, and in the throes of life we get so busy that things go unnoticed…. But as I’ve decided to make an effort to take in my environment, this is what I’ve observed:

1. Conversations take place whilst I’m in the lavatory! (Dude & Dudie always have something to tell me when I’m in the lavatory… I’m not kidding. I’ve mentioned this to them and Dudie cried crocodile tears cos I don’t want to leave the door open and he wants to see me. After Dude explained that it’s my decision to close the door and he should respect that, he now just comes to knock or randomly screams… Are you ok mamma?)

2. Dudie breaks every single crayon in half before he uses them. Even the brand new ones that just came out of the box… Sigh… I have no idea why he does this.

3. Dude is decluttering….. his stuff that’s standing around anyway so it makes sense… He feels that he can’t handle all the stuff being everywhere. But it is in fact him who put it there/left it there/or decided to not put it away…

4. These days we eat more vegetables than before.

5. We eat less junk food/snacks/take aways.

6. You can feel the holiday spirit! Whoop Whoop

7. Alcoholic beverages are increasing. ( After Dudie went to bed on Saturday, Dude & I had a mini shooter party at home 🙂 I did feel like crap when Dudie woke us on Sunday, 6:45am, to say “wake up guys. Let’s go to Church!” So we eventually got to church, very late, but we made it. And had a KFC drive thru breakfast on the way home.)

8. I’m constantly looking for deals/specials/shopping trips…. I feel like shopping ALL the time

9. I bought some Sloggi undies and man oh man it feels like liquid silk on my @$$. LOL. It really does wonders when you wear new undies. Well fr me, at least.

10. Dudie wrote a letter to Santa. Well I wrote it for him. He had a long list of really inexpensive gifts so I guess I’ll indulge him. (We wrote the letter after he had a meltdown in Makro over some stupid watergun thing. I do believe that we have more than enough of those but my child seems to think otherwise. So I suggested a letter to Santa. All smiles by the time we left Makro. ) Oh one of the items that Santa has to bring is Ferrero Rocher chocolates. My kid loves chocolate just like me 🙂

Have a great day. I’m counting the last working days…

Spirited Mama


It’s been extremely busy in Spiritville. With the Dude being man down with a tummy bug since Sunday eve and the Dudie being his ever so charming self…. I’ve been studying and well, cooking… Cos I love food. No really, I looove good food……

So here’s my observations, in no particular order:

1. I commute on the Gautrain daily. Love it just one small problem – we really could use more stairs/escalators/lifts at ALL stations. There just isn’t enough!

2. When walking up said stairs/escalators – your face is arse level with the person ahead of you. Now, that definitely doesn’t go down well with my empty stomach!

3. As a regular commuter, you get to know some other regulars on the train. Like ‘Etiket Girl”, as in etiquette. She insists on speaking English, and quite loudly, but really is a proper Afrikaans girl. Even her friend responds in Afrikaans but she just carries on. “This is my morning dose of Etiquette”. I dubbed her “Etiket Girl” cos Dude said that it’s her Gautrain Etiquette to speak English…

4. Biker chick – she’s small with wild red hair and seemingly odd… Well I guess most people would say that I’m odd but this is my observation, remember…. She always has a few bags to cart around too. Makes me wonder where she puts this stuff considering she’s riding a bike?

5. The ever so chic- elegantly dressed business man – with fake labels and all – Need I say more!

6. The Soccer Star – filled to the brim with gadgets and techno stuff…. And singing and dancing on the train whilst reading his book, and checking his IPAD….

7. From the train station, I catch a bus to work – Here you have a lady called “Ous Maggie” who’s selling scones/vetkoek/cake/etc… Well, she saw the opportunity and hell by the time we get to her stop- her stuff is sold out.

And that’s it for now… I like watching people. Oh by the way, there’s a noisy group on the train daily, in the afternoons. But lately I told the group I’m travelling with that we seem to be even noisier than them. LOL

P.S. This mornings conversation with Dudie:

Dudie: Where’s Daddy going?

Me: Daddy’s going to the Doctor ‘cos he’s sick.

Dudie: ….Pause… No Daddy not go to Doctor. Daddy just need to go toilet.

This child of mine. Tells it like it is…

I’m lurking in the background….

I’m juggling tons of balls at the moment but I am still around…

 I’ve been crazy busy and right now as I sit at my desk, I could use a Cloud nine mattress, we got one for Dudie and my word – it is so heavenly to lie on that bed!

So my wish list for now:

Cloud Nine mattress

Peanut tumbles

Coca cola (ice cold)

A great movie – I would’ve said book but I’m just too tired to read &/comprehend what is happening. Hell you could even put on a meaningless teeny comedy – just so that I have something to doze off to.


I am dreaming of being refreshed and revitalised. And hopefully that will happen soon…

See you in a while crocodile

P.S. This morning’s conversation with Dudie.

He started singing a song and all I could make out was that Jesus was knocking on the door. I’m terribly bad with remembering nursery rhymes/songs/bible phrases/hymns/etc – So if anyone knows this one, please send me a you tube link where you actually sing it. Doesn’t help just having the words ‘cos lately all my songs have the “Baa Baa black sheep/Twinkle Twinkle melody”

Dudie: Singing, Jesus knocking on the door…. Mama, why is Jesus knocking?

Me: ‘cos he wants to live in your heart, baby.

Dudie: In my heart? Why?

Me: (I was not really awake yet as I’m currently suffering from exhaustion – but which parent isn’t) “cos he loves you  and wants you to do all good things in his name. That also means that you need to be good and listen all the time. And you cannot be rude…

Dudie: Ok, but I did pray already!

Oi, you’ve got to love this child 🙂


Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!

So all is well in the land of the Spirited! It’s sunny and pretty with blossoms, albeit we’re experiencing Autumn currently. Today is Friday! TGIF!

My Dudie is on the mend. I’m just happy that the fever is gone. I’m so over suppositories.

<Note to self – stock up on suppositories – and other meds for Winter>

If you haven’t noticed I’m OCD then here’s a reminder. I stock up on Meds for my family. Anything that works/appears to work on any disease/illness/rash/etc, I get more and keep in my Meds cupboard. I have a shelf for the Dudie and Dude & I and the dogs share a shelf.

 Do you know how expensive a visit to the Vet is these days??? And we have 5 3 dogs, lots of fish, 2 cockatiels, wild birds  -who steal our dog food, and I’m hoping and praying that we get our rabbit soon…. I’ve been telling Dude that it is vital to Dudie’s upbringing that he has a rabbit… I didn’t have one when I was a kid and just look how I turned out.

So with Dudie on the mend, my eyes looking normal again but I’m still rocking my Gucci’s(remember the knockoff version – If they accepted monopoly money I would’ve bought the real thing. But we have to live in my world you know. So after swimming/school fees/monkeynastics/kindermusiek and all those adult responsibilities bills are paid, I can choose some kick ass sunglasses.

<remember how your mom used to tell you that you’re so label befok now – just wait until you have to buy your own stuff. With your hard earned cash… YOu’ll think twice about that label! I don’t really care for labels anymore. occasionally, it’s nice to spoil treat myself but occasssionaly.>

Back to the topic – Last night the Dude treated us to some retail therapy. All went well, but Dudie & I were not really enthusiastic about it. So Dude is taking us for some more retail therapy tonight and dinner in a restaurant.

Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Cheers! It’s the Weekennnddddddddd BaaaaaaaaabbbbbbY

So this was my daily inspiration today

I remember that it’s Confucius who’s dishing out advice again.

2 Pieces of advice for Married Men

Never laugh at your wife’s choices;

You are one of them

Never be proud of your choices;

Your wife is one of them

Why do we want to be popular?

I used to fit into this catergory to. Until I decided that I really need to please “ME”. Trouble is knowing what me wants…

I had 2 days away from the cyber world and I come back to all the debates about the “Mommy Clubs” and what not… I too wanted to be famous when I grew up but hey it never panned out that way. Maybe I’ll get a break some other day but for now if you’re interested in this debate go check out:

 http://lionheartinourbathtub.blogspot.com/2012/02/fear-of-missing-out.html because it resonates with me.

<Hope you don’t mind>

Listening is a skill

Did you know that listening is a skill?

I just called our vet about the cat that our dogs hurt, accidentally! This is how it transpired:

Me: Hello N, I need to check what happened to the cat that our dogs hurt, accidentally? We brought the cat in on Saturday.

Lady N: Uhm, not sure. Let me check

<Now I hear her talking to her colleagues – Do you know what happened to the cat that Mrs S brought in on Monday?> Where did I mention Monday? WTF. Colleagues all respond: NO.

Lady N: Mrs S, I’ll have to call you back ‘cos we’re not sure what the outcome was…

Me: Thank you

There you have it. I really thought that I’m crazy but woe is me – I’m not that crazy!

P.S. It’s not our cat. Not sure who the cat belongs to.

Spirited Mama

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