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Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!

So all is well in the land of the Spirited! It’s sunny and pretty with blossoms, albeit we’re experiencing Autumn currently. Today is Friday! TGIF!

My Dudie is on the mend. I’m just happy that the fever is gone. I’m so over suppositories.

<Note to self – stock up on suppositories – and other meds for Winter>

If you haven’t noticed I’m OCD then here’s a reminder. I stock up on Meds for my family. Anything that works/appears to work on any disease/illness/rash/etc, I get more and keep in my Meds cupboard. I have a shelf for the Dudie and Dude & I and the dogs share a shelf.

 Do you know how expensive a visit to the Vet is these days??? And we have 5 3 dogs, lots of fish, 2 cockatiels, wild birds  -who steal our dog food, and I’m hoping and praying that we get our rabbit soon…. I’ve been telling Dude that it is vital to Dudie’s upbringing that he has a rabbit… I didn’t have one when I was a kid and just look how I turned out.

So with Dudie on the mend, my eyes looking normal again but I’m still rocking my Gucci’s(remember the knockoff version – If they accepted monopoly money I would’ve bought the real thing. But we have to live in my world you know. So after swimming/school fees/monkeynastics/kindermusiek and all those adult responsibilities bills are paid, I can choose some kick ass sunglasses.

<remember how your mom used to tell you that you’re so label befok now – just wait until you have to buy your own stuff. With your hard earned cash… YOu’ll think twice about that label! I don’t really care for labels anymore. occasionally, it’s nice to spoil treat myself but occasssionaly.>

Back to the topic – Last night the Dude treated us to some retail therapy. All went well, but Dudie & I were not really enthusiastic about it. So Dude is taking us for some more retail therapy tonight and dinner in a restaurant.

Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. Nice! Think I need to tell my husband that this sickie-poo mama needs to get served too!
    Hope you all get better soon!

    • You do that. Sometimes its best to say it like it is. Men don’t always get the hint. I know my Dude is not a “hint” kinda guy. Hope you get well soon. It’s that time of year where all the dreaded diseases come out of hiding…

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