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52 lessons for 52 weeks: Week 3 – Be YOU

Hopefully by now you are aware of my series, 52 lessons for 52 weeks. If not, for Week 1 click here and Week 2 click here

Week 3: Thursday 18 January

Today as we celebrated the fact that we were blessed to open our eyes to a beautiful day, we also celebrated the Dudie starting Gr 3. How even did we get to this point in our lives SO quickly. It feels like yesterday that I looked a pregnancy test with two pink lines on it! We stood at line up watching the excitement, anxiety, joy, laughter and some tears being shared. I suspect the tears were all from newbie scholars. Then my eye caught Dudie, who happily walked right up to the front of the line and patiently waited for his name to be called. The lesson for week 3: Be YOU! The confidence Dudie exuded was beyond me. From the first day at school, he has always just been himself and found “his” space. This is a character trait that I would like to think he gets from his Mom 🙂 *pats myself on the back*


This week lesson is not only for myself but also for my kids. Be YOU! you can only be YOU. Don’t try to be like others. Don’t compromise yourself or your happiness. Once you know how to be you, you will in turn be good to others. If you are happy, you will spread your happy.

All around us we see too many people wanting to be like others. Compromising their lives, livelihood and happiness. Here’s a quote to live by:

You were born to STAND OUT!

I get that there are times where sacrifices are made for the greater good. Let’s not be stubborn or hard arsed. But believe me when I say, trust your gut. If you truly feel unhappy, unsure of something make sure YOU are happy with YOUR decision first. You will never please everyone, neither will you ever keep everyone happy. Ensure that YOU live your life. YOU make YOUR decisions. And be happy with YOUR decisions. Remember that every decision will have a consequence and sometimes repercussions. Make sure that YOU are happy with it!

Now let us get on our merry way and go sprinkle some happy!

Follow my journey in my 52 lessons for 52 weeks and discover with me, uncover with me, and grow with me. I’m petrified as to what I am opening myself up to BUT how else will I learn and grow if I don’t challenge myself to do greater things.

Are you YOU?

Spirited Mama

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  1. I absolutely heart this post! We often see people striving to be just like everyone else, or to fit in, and they sometimes lose who they really are in the process. I try to always be me, and I hope this is something my little person always does as well.

    • spiritedmama1

      Thanks Charlene. Our kids learn by watching us. It’s terrifying but hopefully they keep only the “good” stuff 🙂

  2. These last couple of months I have learnt to trust my gut and realized that I am a very intuitive person. Even though I am over 40 years old, I still discover parts of me that I forgot about or did not know about. A very important question this… Are you YOU?!

    • spiritedmama1

      That’s awesome! We are never stop learning. It’s what we make of those lessons that count 🙂 That question though…stuck in my mind all the time reminding me to make MY own decisions.

  3. This: “I’m petrified as to what I am opening myself up to BUT how else will I learn and grow if I don’t challenge myself to do greater things.” I love this!!

  4. MrsFF

    You can’t please all the people all the time so my take is within reasonable limits please yourself! Granted when younger one thinks fitting in is the best but with maturity (not necessarily age) we learn

    • spiritedmama1

      I hear you. Trying to teach them not to compromise themselves and their livelihood. Of course in life, at some point, we all learn to compromise but some people sell their souls in the process. Maturity is not determined by age, love that you mention that!

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