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52 lessons for 52 weeks: Week 4 – Treasure people NOT possessions

If you are following my series, I thank you. If you are new to my series find the previous posts below:

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Week 4 – Treasure people NOT possessions

This week’s lesson is as old as time but how many of us actually live by it? I was raised in the same house as my brother but we are in fact almost a decade apart, and definitely raised differently and in different times/worlds. Growing up we always had what we needed and/or wanted. We were blessed and fortunate. BUT where we lack is that emphasis was placed on possessions rather than people. Many would describe us as “being well off” but I didn’t see or think of it that way. As an adult, I see where these perceptions stem from. Now that I am a parent, my husband, aka Dude, and I have very different parenting styles to that of our parents. We are trying to place the emphasis on PEOPLE rather than possessions. And I sincerely hope that my boys, aka Dudie and Troll, will learn that valuable lesson.

People vs Possessions

People come and go in our lives. It’s is the circle of life. Possessions on the other hand is merely a bunch of materialistic goods that you have acquired in your life, whether you have worked for it,  earned it or perhaps inherited it. How do you place so much value on material things that exist in a temporary world? Your focus should be on the people in your life. Those people who share your life’s journey. Those very same people who encourage you to be the best version of you. Most of us have encountered a saying “some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime”. #truth Some people teach us for an entire lifetime, some teach us for a short while and others…well some we need to let go of… My wish is that we find the reason or purpose and enjoy the person who is part of YOUR life. This is easier said than done but at least enjoy the friendship no matter what the lifespan may be.

Choose the “right” people for you

Not all people in your life is on your side, or in your corner. You will encounter people that are out to get you, that don’t wish anything good for you, and some are just plain mean and jealous of you. Don’t let that cramp your style. Move on and move forward. Some people are only there for a short period but can have the most profound effect on your life. Appreciate the people. Appreciate the lesson you gain from dealing with people. You may not always know why certain people cross your path but in due time all will be revealed.

What do you treasure? People vs Possessions? Be honest with yourself…

Spirited Mama

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  1. Thanks for the reminder! I always think of my grandmother who was 96 when she died, but she had no possessions left. She was in an old age home. Only her family and memories. Possessions did not last!

    • spiritedmama1

      You’re welcome Karen. Can’t take those possessions with you anyway…

  2. The right people for sure! It’s about quality!

  3. I’m definitely for people over possessions and I find the older I get, the tougher my criteria becomes for ‘people’ in my life.


    • spiritedmama1

      I’m with you Simone. My criteria hasn’t changed much but I am less tolerant of crap, the older I get 🙂

  4. I like this. I treasure people, but this post makes me think how do I treasure and do my people feel treasured.

    • spiritedmama1

      Valid point Melissa. Why don’t you ask them? Would be interesting to hear their views on it…

  5. i treasure those near and dear to me, and its not a whole lot of people, just a selection of family and friends that i do treasure … quality over quantity … boom!

    • spiritedmama1

      Definitely quality over quantity. It’s normally the treasured people that will stick with you to the very end…And isn’t that all that should matter in the end?

  6. An important lesson to remember. #Lekkerlinky

  7. My parents led by example, and it stuck. People – the right ones – far outweigh possessions. I hope this is something Zee learns from us as well.
    Thanks for linking up to the #LekkerLinky

    • spiritedmama1

      I’m sure she will! Kids learn by “watching” us and mimic our behaviour, be it consciously or subconsciously 🙂

  8. I am a sentimental fool so yes I do have a few things I treasure. My dad passed away when I was 2 and my mom had managed to keep a few of his things. I treasure those. I also treasure my mom’s scrap book she made I feel like it is a glimpse of her teenage years.

    In saying that. People and as you said the right people can make all the difference in the world. They can create the memories you can reflect on when you have nothing.

    Looking forward to more thought provoking lessons. #lekkerlinky

    • spiritedmama1

      I am somewhat sentimental too 🙂 but prefer not to place emphasis on the materialistic possessions…rather focus on the people

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