I grew up watching Free Willy. And I’m almost certain that I’ve seen most of it. After Free Willy 2 I was not particularly interested in seeing how/why they need to save this whale again. Now, I am an animal lover but really why could they NOT just leave Willy alone? So many whales yet they always after Willy. Maybe Willy needs to move…. just saying…

But the reason for this post is that I cried for Willy. My brother cried for Willy. And Yesterday MY son, Dudie, cried for Willy. It was nothing like the soft cries of the actors in the movie. It was more the snot and trane kinda cry. I’m at the soft cry stage now. Think  I got over this Free Willy business. Point is, my brother was very young when Willy was featured. He cried and was extrememly emotional. So much so that we couldn’t even make out what he was trying to say whilst sobbing…

Yesterday, Dudie and I watched Free Willy. Thanks to DSTV for making us pay a small fortune to watch reruns of films we can get free of charge at our local Video store when you rent the latest blockbusters…

Then Dudie got extremely emotional at the exact same spot as my brother… He cried and said that he wants his whale family. HUh? Yes, we reassured him that Willy was safe and that he’s with his family and that WE are his family AND we’re here for him and with him…. But alas, he kept crying. Is there something that we’re missing in Willy?

Then we watched Free Willy 2. DSTV – Back to Back Free Willy movies…. Bleh!> This went down somewhat better… Minimal signs of distress but no crying. He actually laughed during the movie. Then it was bedtime… .And he was sad for his whale family. Yes, he still wants his whale family too. He eventually asked me to please get him a whale family too.


As much as I enjoyed watching Free Willy, it’s time to move on. Hopefully, I haven’t scarred Dudie for life.

<Mommy fail>

Spirited Mama

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