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Interesting Blog award from Reluctant Mom

***Happy Dance*** Someone thinks I’m awesome and I’m loving the attention.  Things have been hectic in Spiritville. Great things are happening but I’ll have to keep things on the down low for now…

Thanks Reluctant Mom!!! (((Virtual Hug))) And we did meet via The Moomie Forum. I still owe you wine and chuckles… I need to visit Cape Town sometime… Like your award button better. Nimbus 2000 Model courtesy of Reluctant Mom below:


Reluctant Mom was bestowed the “Interesting blog award by the Blurred Line” and then bestowed it on yours truly. I take this as a pat on the back ‘cos honestly I sometimes wonder “who reads my crap?” who would be interested in me? I’m ordinary and not a “cool” blogger. I blog just because I need an outlet from time to time. Ok sometimes its more frequent but hey like I said it’s cheaper than therapy.

The New Rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you
  2. List 5 random facts about yourself
  1. Nominate a MAXIMUM of 3 blogs for the award – I know sometimes trying to find 5 is a challenge and it also dilutes the “play it forward idea”
  2. Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice
  3. And finally, let them know you have nominated them
  4. But I really think we should keep this one – promise to never listen to Justin Bieber again

Thank you Reluctant Mom *curtsy*

Q’s from Reluctant Mom and A’s from Spirited Mama1:

One | What would you buy with five rand? If you figure that out let me know too ‘cos you can’t get bread/milk ? If I were still smoking I would buy loose draws 🙂 But considering that I’m a non-smoker I’d buy Wilson toffees – fck the shop at work charges so much I think I might only get 3 maybe 4.
Two | When was the last time you told a lie? And what was it? This morning as I’m trying to score a day’s leave this week… watch this space. Technically I need 2 hours off but come on why would I just take two hours when I can take a full day.

Three | When was the last time you went for a mammogram?  Was it as bad as you thought it was going to be? Never ever… Sigh – maybe it’s time to make an appointment. Oh and maybe get a once over from my v-jay jay doctor as I know I’m over due with my annual check up.

Four | What was the worst baby/child name you have ever heard? Le-A. Do you know how to pronounce it? Le-dasha-A ! That’s what her Mama gave her. I’ll be like WTF Mama????Ok it’s not that bad but my brain is on a go slow .

Five | What is the phrase you swore you would never use, and now you are sounding just like your mother and screaming it down the passage? Do you want me to give you a reason to cry? *sigh* i can’t stop it…Parenting is hardcore

3 Interesting Bloggers according to Spirited Standards:

Juggling act of life

Memoirs 4 my munchkins


My questions to the 3 bloggers:

1. Does Social Media control you?

2. If given a Personal Assistant for a week, what would you ask your PA to do for you?

3. What do you make of the Guptas using Waterkloof to land their plane? <SERIOUSLY, class=hiddenSpellError pre=”OR ” Tambo to board a plane. Would never have to miss a flight cos it’s half way 🙂 >

4. Shoes or handbags? Any please list the total you have.

5. Who would you choose as the next President of South Africa?


I really can’t making any promises about the Bieber cos I have family members who drool over this boychild and I have found myself humming to some of his tunes… But I’ll try my hardest.

Fingers crossed for a great week ahead.

Spirited Mama

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  1. Thank you very much for passing it on! You are making my Monday! It is difficult questions, I will answer them this week 😉

    • I was kinda stuck with what to ask… Don’t fret I was late in my response to Reluctant Mom too. Glad I could make your Monday 😉

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