**Disclaimer – Nadia, from The Non Adventures of A Stay-At-Home_Mum received a gift card to purchase any item on her wish list from Wellness Warehouse. The views and opinions expressed are Nadia’s own. Photo credit go to Nadia, all images supplied by her 🙂 **

I decided to feature a series of Wellness posts to find out how other moms #LiveLifeWell The purpose of this series is to enlighten readers and show you how small changes can yield big results for you and your family too.

Part 7 – LiveLifeWell with Wellness Warehouse & The Non Adventures of A Stay-At-Home-Mum


Nadia Gabriel

1. The woman behind The Non Adventures of A Stay-At-Home-Mum – meet Nadia Gabriel

I am a mum to two amazing little girls (5 & 2) and when I am not at their beck and call,I blog. Writing about my parenting journey helps me to process all the big feelings that come with this weighty position of Parent. At the same time, I am trying to balance my own individuality as a Woman with that of being a Mother. It’s not easy, but its definitely worth it.

2. Why you choose to #livelifewell

For me, Living Life Well means being more conscious and conscientious in my choices. In the case of this review, it meant choosing products that are both animal friendly AND safe for the environment while still fitting within the confines of my budget. As a mum, I like to teach by example and my kids and they notice and ask engaging questions when I use the grey water to water the garden. This started a conversation on bio degradable products and water saving. You will be surprised at how much your child picks up from you, both good and bad I guess! Haha!

3. Share with us what you bought at Wellness Warehouse

I chose 4 household products and one skin care product to test out. I just picked the one product  for skin care because I have really sensitive skin and I’m always hesitant to try anything new.

First let me say that every single one of these products gets 10/10 for fragrance! Soooooo good!

Ok, back to the nitty gritty:


Auto Dishwashing Liquid (Citrus) – If you own a dishwasher then you NEED this bottle in your life! I had never used gel in my dishwasher before and when the instructions said ‘Add 5-10ml to your dishwashing machine dispenser‘ I rolled my eyes and thought ‘yeah right, as if that’s going to be enough’. It is ENOUGH! My dishes came out spotless and without any watermarks on the glasses. It is R70 for this bottle but at 10ml a wash, you’re getting FIFTY washes out of it. FIFTY!!! I’m going to come right out and say that this is the Best Find of 2019!

Dishwashing Liquid (Lemongrass and Lime) – I wanted to love this product purely based on scent but at R56 a bottle it just isn’t value for money. The instructions on the bottle say ‘Add 5-10ml to a sink of hot water‘ which is entirely insufficient to clean my dishes. I ended up squirting the liquid onto a sponge and washing as per usual. I wouldn’t purchase this again.

Multi Surface Cleaner (Lemon & Lime) – I am a little heart sore about this product because my helper broke the little clip that locks the nozzle into its open/close position and controls quantity. What this means is that every pump of the bottle now expels 2 or 3 times as much as it should. However, if you do not break the bottle then it is worth it. The bottle is R88 but I found that a little goes a long way in comparison to other surface cleaners. Your counters will also become incredibly sniff worthy.

Air Freshener (Grapefruit) – We all know that air fresheners are meant to go in the bathroom but I can’t bear to leave mine there. I use it as a room (more like house) spray so that the whole place smells fresh and clean. This was R43 and I would buy it again. It is way better than any of the floral scents that really do not disguise anything…

(Side note – All the Wellness cleaning products are biodegradable which means you can use the grey water (dirty water) from washing dishes for example, to water the garden. Yay for saving the environment while also saving money!)

Natures Gate Charcoal Body Scrub (Butter Mint) – Do you remember the Humbug sweet? Well you will literally smell like a delicious and smooth Humbug after this. First of all, I had zero issues in terms of skin sensitivity. Secondly, I have never felt so polished! You use the tiniest pea sized amount and massage it into your skin, one section at time. You will feel the difference as soon as you rinse off. Jarrod is also loving this scrub which is rather unfortunate because I wish it would last foreverrrrrr! This was R136 and I will buy it again in a heartbeat, though I’m keen to try the coconut next.


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