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PUZA Thursday!

So you may have noticed that this week I will not be getting the “Punctual Staff Member” award. I thought about it an decided that I need to consciously make an effort to get to work ON Time, not early just on time.

So Thursday morning, we fall outta bed! “Cos the week has been crazy and we’re now in weekend mode already.  I believe that I would look stunning in my oufit today. Normal routine, but alas I get to work 15 mins late. Anyway, then the day drags on and it’s now 10 mins before I leave…

The horror when that cloud burst and the heavens opened up. When you come to work late all convenient parkings are taken so you have to take a parking a walk away from the office. So now I realise I don’t have a jacket/umbrella and I’m wearing white linen pants! I got them from the Woolworths sale but if you see them you wouldn’t think that they were marked down items. I was also wearing a linen/cotton blouse (does anyone still use the word blouse?). So I make a run for it ‘cos if I stay in the office 5 mins extra it’ll cost me 30 mins in traffic. So I run to the car – thank Gloria I was wearing flats). I get soaked from head to toe except I had a sling bag with work stuff to cover (shield) my rear as I didn’t think that seeing my wet rear would be funny! I jump in the car drenched like water dripping from my nose/eyes/ man just everywhere. That’s when I realised that I was dropping off a job application with a very nice HR lady before I make my way home.

I assess the situation and decide that if the car heater can’t dry me up quick then I’ll go home, change and then go to HR lady. I feel so bummed like Murphy is really out to get me this week. Then I find the kid’s bite size Cadbury dairymilk choc. It’s melted and it tastes heavenly as I suck it out of the wrapper. I remove my shoes and start my journey home.

Oh boy, I did freak out a bit as the more I kept driving the harder it rained! And I’m thinking – The fucking wipers can’t go any faster!” I need to call VW. They need to make my wipers go faster. I can’t see shit in front of me. But then I saw her… The single pedestrian trying to cross the road whilst shielding herself under the half broken umberella, YOu know that one where the fabric is torn off the spikes. BWAHAHAHA! I know you shouldn’t laugh at others but I really needed it. Thanks Murphy, point taken. Now go screw over someone else!

I continue to drive with almost zero visibility and promise myself that should I get home safely I should be more appreciative. Stop working myself up over crap.

I get to HR lady’s house, and my clothes are so dry (thanks to the heater) and we have a nice chat. I get home to a very happy bubbly toddler and a “sick” husband! Now, happy toddler – thank you but sick husband – Murphy fck off!

Hubby goes to look for medication(we have a shelf dedicated to us and one to the kid – a mini pharmacy at home) and comes back reporting that we have N.O.T.H.I.N.G in the house for colds/sinus/flu…

I whip my ass and go find the fckin flu meds (granted it’s the kid’s but fck I was about ready to give him liquid nitrogen) and say I found something ( I did it with a smile on my face- sarcastically).

Then the toddler decides to tantrum…. Fck! why oh why.

I bathed the toddler and we played and snuggled on his bed and I slept there until midnight when hubby comes to wake me so that I know that we’re all sleeping – the house is still wide open (ok at least the gates were locked) but the doors & were windows open/lights on and the birds and fish haven’t been fed. He closed up and waited for me. I went to lie on the couch and watched some crappy low budget movie (thanks DSTV) until 2am. Then I went to bed.

P.S. I had yum bread pudding and custard at 1am.

Wednesday 15 Feb – post v-day

So hubby and I had a few drinks at home, after the kid went to bed, on Tuesday and we eventually fell into bed at 12:30am… I still had a half an hour shower just so that I wouldn’t have that hungover feeling in a few hours…

We slept a very peaceful sleep, and woke up just because of that feeling that soemthing is amiss… again! My hubby was suppose to have left 20 mins ago. BWAHAHHA. HE raced to get ready and I decided Fuck it! I’m so not going to stress! I’ll get there when I’m done!

Hubby leaves and I get myself and the kid ready, simultaneously. This is when I realised that my boy CAN multi-task!

He was on the toilet, brushing his teeth whilst I was brushing his hair. BY the time we got back to his room, I just needed to dress him and pray with him. We did then he remided me that I didn’t thank God for the fish. So I did and off we went on our journey.

I got to work 90 minutes late – granted that today was also a day where the traffic came to a grinding halt around Gilloly’s interchange – and it didn’t amtter which direction you were coming from.

Valentine’s day

Hubby and I don’t do Valentine’s day unless one party feels that they want to do something, it’s really ok if the other doesn’t.

I bought my hubby a “new” wedding band, as his is too small. Yes, even he said that we should just resize it but I bought a new one anyway. I couldn’t wait so I gave it to him on Sunday.

So on Tuesday, we wake up feeling refreshed and wish each other a good day amidst all the romance for the day and now begins my routine to get out of the house. He leaves about 45 mins before us.

Smooth sailing, right on time too, until I wake the kid – who was lying awake anyways… Do you know that he’s 2yrs and that he now uses the real toilet? Jealous much – don’t be ‘cos just the other day I had a half naked toddler runing through the house but didn’t make it to the toiet in time. I’m so not retelling that day!

Back to the toddler routine. I think it’s simple. Don’t you?

  • Switch on the light, open blinds and tickle him, or touch his feet to wake him
  • Then put him on the toilet whilst I get his stuff ready (75 % of th etime it’s done the night before)
  • Then brush teeth
  • Wash his face
  • Brush his hair
  • Get him dressed
  • And then the shoe argument
  • Then I need to say something like – Jesus is waiting on us again
  • We pray at his bedside
  • We do good morning kisses
  • then say bye to the fish and birds and dogs and worms and all the animals in the worls
  • Strap kid in car seat and so the journey begins ( His nursery rhymes CD doesn’t want to play in the car? Not that I mind but now I have to sing each morning)

After all that, I get to work 40 mins late!

This week so far: From a Beautiful beginning- Monday 13 Feb 2012

We woke up very happy and bubbly, granted the kid was still asleep. You know that feeling you get when you just know that something is amiss…

Well, I woke up when exactly when I was suppose to be leaving the front door!

<I’ve had dreams about doing my morning routine and believe me it’s so “real” that I think that it’s actually happening. And then, the horror, when I wake up to realise that I did absolutely jack shit and now need to do everything in high gear. Shower, oh I brush my teeth in the shower to save time, get dressed, brush hair (sometime I do this in the car), pack car (i get everything ready the night before – I even put the bags close to the door) and then get the kid ready. Oh that’s another story!>

Well, I got to work 20 mins late…

Spirited Mama

Therapy anyone?

What would you rather be doing????

What I am currently doing

So now as the work starts to slow down, my mind starts to wonder. I always end up having the same thoughts about my “CAREER”

<It sounds better than saying I have a JOB>

I always have and still want to be the “VOICE” at the Terminal Building in any Airport. Really, if you know of any vacancies, let me know please. Even, if  I could do that job for a day/week/month I’d be happy.

<I’m in the market if anyone is hiring – will even settle for voice overs>

What I would rather be doing

I want to be that person that calls you, yes-you (the person who’s causing the fcking delay) over the PA system.

This is how I’m suppose to do it:

Mr/Mrs Smith, please report to Boarding Gate D5.

2mins later:

Mr/Mrs Smith, this is your final boarding call. Please report to Gate D5.

BUT this is how I say it in my world (head):

Mr/Mrs Smith, we really don’t give a shit why you’re being delayed. But could you please get a move on???

2mins later:

Mr/Mrs Smith, we’ve left without you. Try another airline. Peace!

I’m rational/sane/diplomatic most of the time so if you have any vacancies, please drop me a note and I’ll contact you.

Thanks in advance.

Spirited Mama

I don’t work O.V.E.R.T.I.M.E

I have been working overtime for 3 weeks now! This is the 4th and the last week. Fck! I don’t do well working overtime. It is not condusive to my health nor my lifestyle etc etc. My list is endless.

When I signed the contract for this J.O.B <3.5yrs ago> it stated that some overtime and weekend work is required. I’ve always justified why I should be exempted from that. But this year, I had<read:chose> to work as I wanted to score on the time off. Yes, this is the incentive so that you bank your annual leave. I needed it as I have already confirmed a weeks vacation at Sun City for my household.

So, today is Tuesday. One more hour before I go home. I just need to get through the rest of this week.

<On my outlook calendar, I can see our family vacation week!> I can smell it/taste it and feel it. Soon I’ll be reaping the rewards of my overtime.

J.U.ST Need to Get Through this week.

Spirited Mama

Why I want to be a race car driver

I should’ve been a race car driver in another life

I am convinced that I was a rally/F1/Emergency services driver in a former life. True, I kid you not. I sometimes scare the crap out of me with my driving skills.

I like speeding. No, I love speeding. There is someting unexplainable about the pleasure/thrill/adrenaline rush I get when I speed.

<In one session with the therapist she mentioned that growing up in a dysfunctional household you get a certain “high” in certain situations and for me, currently, driving <read: speeding> is my fix>

I only speed <sometimes drive like a hooligan or “padvarK” when I’m alone in the car. Really. I do not speed when I have my son or any passengers with me.

But I do need to ask – Why is it that people insist on:

Driver habits that gets to me

1. Changing lanes without indicating? YOU have indicators for a reason other than them being ornamental!

2. Holding up traffic? yes, who made you the damn traffic police to govern my speed limit? If I’m moving faster than you, get out the way! Please!

3. Why do people all drive next to each other when there’s a moerse gap between you and the car ahead of you? Do you like to frustrate other drivers?

4. Why oh why do we have to constantly have to step on the brake? When there’s really no reason to. You know when you’re now on cruise control and the traffic comes to a grinding halt and you’re left wondering WTF? “cos there’s absolutely nothing out of the ordinary?

5. When there is an accident scene, please proceed as normal ‘cos most of time, due to curiosty, people ‘cos accidents by just looking at other accident scenes.

<You know in GP, it is almost guaranteed that the traffic will conme to a halt when there’s an accident. Then when you drive by the scene you realise that the accident is on the O.T.H.E.R SiDe of the Fckn Highway??? Really? WTF?

6. Now, I’ve worked myself into a frenzy and have no clue where I was going with this post.

Anyway, there are many drivers,like me,  out there who share my sentiments (And if no one is willing to stand by me that’s OK too) about driving. Let us be please.

Spirited Mama

I call it multi-skilling

My husband has reminded me that I have conversations in my head and then proceed to finish these conversations with him all whilst he was not included from the start. I’d say something and he’d be like… What? and I’d be like but I told you this. And then the debate <read: argument> commences. He said she said, you know how it goes.

My question is: Do you think that your behaviour rubs off onto your spouse and vice versa?

<I realised that my husband internalised certain conversations too>

Nevertheless, I always defend myself when accused of having internal conversations. And then this morning I realised, Fck! I’m having a full-blown conversation with myself. Like I’m talking aloud to myself. Asking questions and then answering and then disagreeing with myself…

Then, I wondered if this would be classified as having multiple personalities? I haven’t googled it yet but probably will later. I just decided that for now: I CALL IT MULTI-SKILLING!

Spirited Mama

What not to do whilst driving…

1. Do not adjust the seat whilst driving!  seriously, wait until you can stop at a garage/parking lot.

So my husband buys a fancy double cab and I’m quite comfortable driving and parking it. Then one morning as I left the driveway, I realised that I was not seated comfortably and needed to adjust the seat. I assess the situation and decide that I’ll do it at the traffic light which is 700m away. Bonus – light is red when I get there. Now to figure out how to adjust the fkn seat with all these levers around me. I touch something and fall back. I mean I was flat on my back. Cracking myself, just lying there with tears streaming down my face as I LOL’d at myself. In the mean time the light had changed and there was a queue behind me. No one dared to hoot/or be impatient as everyone just stared at this bakkie standing at the traffic light, locked and idling, but no driver in sight!True story.

2. Do not wipe your hands with wet wipes!

So as I leave the Daycare centre, I back out of the parking lot and realise that my hands are sticky. Not sure why but as a parent I find this happens often with me having no recollection of why my hands are stickY! So as I’m driving in an extremely busy road, I reach for the wet wipes. I wipe. And then suddenly the cars in front of me come to a screeching holt! I step on the clutch & brake and grab the gear lever hoping to put the car in neutral. FAST. Total fail as my hands were still wet. My hand slip over the gear lever and the car is now jerking and revving. I quickly rub my hands on my seat and apologise to all the other drivers who looked at me probably thinking – “new driver”! In fact I’ve had my licence for years now.

3. Do not remove shoes whilst driving!

I consider myself a good driver. <remember this is my opinion> I can drive with shoes/bare feet/boots/slops/stilettos – really it makes no difference to me. But one day I had this damn itchy feeling under my foot which I really really needed to scratch immediately! So whilst driving I think cool it’s a straight road and I could just casually remove the left shoe and scratch foot. Win – win situation. N.O.T. As I’m removing my shoe I realise that I need to make a left turn to take the onramp to the highway. So I try to manoeuvre my hand to the gear lever and my foot (with the shoe half on/half off) to the clutch to gear down and take the ramp. OMG! My shoe bends over backward and get stuck so my foot can’t reach the clutch. I decide Fck it! I rip the gear lever with so much force that I didn’t need to use the clutch for a gear shift. I have not and probably will not try that again.

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