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Taking to the streets

Why I’m taking to the streets

I decided that I just simply can’t afford to work anymore. Soon I won’t be able to afford the trip to work and back daily… So, I’ve decided that I’m taking to the street alongside a colleague with this sign board…..

P.S Credit for this note goes to my colleague who for now we’ll call “Smiley”












Spirited Mama

Me on Monday ( A full week late – That’s how I roll)

Charlotte over at Scaredmom’s blog has tagged me in this and now I have to share things with you that I’m not sure how many people know about me…

The idea:
– Post 11 things about yourself
– Answer the questions given
– Set 11 new questions
– Tag 11 people

Random Facts
1. I love holidays.
2. I think hope that I can sing (somewhat) as I sing all the time for my son, even in public – true story – another shopper said oh sweet – you’re singing a duet with your son???
3. I’m addicted to chocolate.
4. I love good food.
5. I love my son and husband but sometimes they make me go ape shit!
6. I quit smoking on Friday 20 January 2012 at 2pm. Still going strong.
7. I have a very very dysfunctional relationship with my parents!
8. I was told by an expert that I’m 16 kg’s overweight to heavy for my BMI??? WTF?
9. I wish I had a magic wand.
10. I’m a very paranoid mother. Seriously, I’ll run to cushion his fall.
11. I want to run: Two Oceans in 2013 and the Comrades in 2014?

My Questions answered:

1. If you were to have unlimited funds for a themed birthday party, what would the theme be and why?
A snowy Disneyland crossed with a Construction site and F1 racing. I love snow. Disneyland as I, yes me at the age of 28 freaks out like a 2yr old when I see a fun fair with rides and candyfloss. Construction because my Dudie loves cranes, trucks, buses, tractors and diggers. And F1 racing as I’m a speedster.

2. What is your fantasy job and why?

I have ahem:

Chocolate taster – see random fact no. 3

F1 driver – I love the adrenalin rush

A government employee – I need the flexibility and me time with the fat paycheck

3. What is your ultimate favourite “me” thing to do?

It used to be having my 9pm smoke outside in the garden sitting on my bench and taking stock of what we’ve achieved thus far. I gave up smoking so now I sit there and sip my ice-cold Savanna.
4. What is your favourite item of clothing?

Shoes glorious shoes!!!!!

5. If you were offered an extreme makeover, would you do it – if not, why? If so, what would you change about your appearance?

No, because this is the me that I know. I’m still discovering me. And though it’s not always rosy, I’m getting to know me. I wouldn’t mind a breast lift though. Hehehe
6. Summer or Winter? Why?

Winter, ‘cos I can snuggle up to my Dude and Dudie. Watch movies, drink hot chocolate and wear the most gorgeous cashmere sweaters! P.S. GP has dry winters so if I was still in CPT then I’d say Summer.
7. Have you ever met someone famous? Who and when?

Not that I can remember, so they could have been famous. Hehehe

8. What is your most cherished item?

My little Dudie.
9. What is your greatest fear?

The way that I would die. It’s because no one knows how it’ll end…
10. What motivates or inspires you?

Seriously, my Dude (husband). I now see the trend of how he’s been giving me pep talks (for 11yrs) before I feel down.
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own!?

Last time I checked 26 pairs (2months ago and this was after I gave away 2 black bags full – I’m not kidding – my Dude forced requested me to donate them as they’re just there). Since then I have purchased 4 new pairs.

 My 11 questions for you:

1. Do you have a role model? If yes, why did you choose him/her?

2. What type of relationship do you have with your parents?

3. Do you parent the way your parents did?

4. Are you a leader/follower?

5. Favourite Music?

6. What do you prefer: Spouse’s morning breath or baby first poo nappy?

7. What could you not live without besides your kids?

8. Do you have real friendships?

9. Share one thing that no one knows about you

10. What would be your ideal holiday?

11. Tell us anything/maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to say

Now, I’m new to the blogging but have been reading blogs for a while. I must admit I do not follow or comment regularly but I’ll tag:

1. Remember when we were young

2. Dear Max

3. ZA to CH

4. Things I can’t say

5. A Little Less Fluff

6. Anyone else wanting to particpate as I have a sh&t load of work and really should not be blogging right now but ather catching up on work… sigh… sigh

Cheers! It’s the Weekennnddddddddd BaaaaaaaaabbbbbbY

Finding me – phase 1

I recently came across Things I Can’t Say, and woe is me you need to check this:


I read this when I was at a low point and needed to be reminded of the positive…

Guess who’s reading…

I was asked “How do you get people to read your blog?”

My response: I don’t. Some times they find it themselves.

And sometimes I read and re-read my posts.


But guess what – You’re reading it too. Hahahaha

I can smell you

I am sitting here (in the office) minding my own business and daydreaming  about our holiday (2 more weeks) and in walks a stranger…. This person is here to consult with my colleague (three of us share a space) and is now seated diagonally across me but man oh man I can smell him.

Not ideal as I’m starved this morning, and any scent on my empty stomach is a no no and the card machines in the café are offline! Murphy, please go away already!

I was going to have something for breakfast, like a scone with hot chocolate, but now I’ll just eat my lunch for breakfast and walk to the other shops for lunch. Hopefully, their card machines are working.

<I do not carry cash, like ever. I currently have R9.35 in my wallet>

I like the convenience of swiping my card wherever I go. That way I get to just why I had spent X amount instead of just buying bread/milk. I just can’t fathom the bank charges on bread/milk!

PUZA Thursday!

So you may have noticed that this week I will not be getting the “Punctual Staff Member” award. I thought about it an decided that I need to consciously make an effort to get to work ON Time, not early just on time.

So Thursday morning, we fall outta bed! “Cos the week has been crazy and we’re now in weekend mode already.  I believe that I would look stunning in my oufit today. Normal routine, but alas I get to work 15 mins late. Anyway, then the day drags on and it’s now 10 mins before I leave…

The horror when that cloud burst and the heavens opened up. When you come to work late all convenient parkings are taken so you have to take a parking a walk away from the office. So now I realise I don’t have a jacket/umbrella and I’m wearing white linen pants! I got them from the Woolworths sale but if you see them you wouldn’t think that they were marked down items. I was also wearing a linen/cotton blouse (does anyone still use the word blouse?). So I make a run for it ‘cos if I stay in the office 5 mins extra it’ll cost me 30 mins in traffic. So I run to the car – thank Gloria I was wearing flats). I get soaked from head to toe except I had a sling bag with work stuff to cover (shield) my rear as I didn’t think that seeing my wet rear would be funny! I jump in the car drenched like water dripping from my nose/eyes/ man just everywhere. That’s when I realised that I was dropping off a job application with a very nice HR lady before I make my way home.

I assess the situation and decide that if the car heater can’t dry me up quick then I’ll go home, change and then go to HR lady. I feel so bummed like Murphy is really out to get me this week. Then I find the kid’s bite size Cadbury dairymilk choc. It’s melted and it tastes heavenly as I suck it out of the wrapper. I remove my shoes and start my journey home.

Oh boy, I did freak out a bit as the more I kept driving the harder it rained! And I’m thinking – The fucking wipers can’t go any faster!” I need to call VW. They need to make my wipers go faster. I can’t see shit in front of me. But then I saw her… The single pedestrian trying to cross the road whilst shielding herself under the half broken umberella, YOu know that one where the fabric is torn off the spikes. BWAHAHAHA! I know you shouldn’t laugh at others but I really needed it. Thanks Murphy, point taken. Now go screw over someone else!

I continue to drive with almost zero visibility and promise myself that should I get home safely I should be more appreciative. Stop working myself up over crap.

I get to HR lady’s house, and my clothes are so dry (thanks to the heater) and we have a nice chat. I get home to a very happy bubbly toddler and a “sick” husband! Now, happy toddler – thank you but sick husband – Murphy fck off!

Hubby goes to look for medication(we have a shelf dedicated to us and one to the kid – a mini pharmacy at home) and comes back reporting that we have N.O.T.H.I.N.G in the house for colds/sinus/flu…

I whip my ass and go find the fckin flu meds (granted it’s the kid’s but fck I was about ready to give him liquid nitrogen) and say I found something ( I did it with a smile on my face- sarcastically).

Then the toddler decides to tantrum…. Fck! why oh why.

I bathed the toddler and we played and snuggled on his bed and I slept there until midnight when hubby comes to wake me so that I know that we’re all sleeping – the house is still wide open (ok at least the gates were locked) but the doors & were windows open/lights on and the birds and fish haven’t been fed. He closed up and waited for me. I went to lie on the couch and watched some crappy low budget movie (thanks DSTV) until 2am. Then I went to bed.

P.S. I had yum bread pudding and custard at 1am.

Valentine’s day

Hubby and I don’t do Valentine’s day unless one party feels that they want to do something, it’s really ok if the other doesn’t.

I bought my hubby a “new” wedding band, as his is too small. Yes, even he said that we should just resize it but I bought a new one anyway. I couldn’t wait so I gave it to him on Sunday.

So on Tuesday, we wake up feeling refreshed and wish each other a good day amidst all the romance for the day and now begins my routine to get out of the house. He leaves about 45 mins before us.

Smooth sailing, right on time too, until I wake the kid – who was lying awake anyways… Do you know that he’s 2yrs and that he now uses the real toilet? Jealous much – don’t be ‘cos just the other day I had a half naked toddler runing through the house but didn’t make it to the toiet in time. I’m so not retelling that day!

Back to the toddler routine. I think it’s simple. Don’t you?

  • Switch on the light, open blinds and tickle him, or touch his feet to wake him
  • Then put him on the toilet whilst I get his stuff ready (75 % of th etime it’s done the night before)
  • Then brush teeth
  • Wash his face
  • Brush his hair
  • Get him dressed
  • And then the shoe argument
  • Then I need to say something like – Jesus is waiting on us again
  • We pray at his bedside
  • We do good morning kisses
  • then say bye to the fish and birds and dogs and worms and all the animals in the worls
  • Strap kid in car seat and so the journey begins ( His nursery rhymes CD doesn’t want to play in the car? Not that I mind but now I have to sing each morning)

After all that, I get to work 40 mins late!

If only everyone did something for someone… Makes me think of the movie, P.A.Y it For.WARD
We should dub today, 1st February, The ARK Day!

It won’t make your life any longer/shorter but just maybe you are exactly what someone else is needing right now…
Spirited Mama

I made it! Granted I’m running outta credit for therapy

I made it! Granted I’m running outta credit for therapy.

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