**Disclaimer – Jacqui, from One Messy Mama received a gift card to purchase any item on her wish list from Wellness Warehouse. The views and opinions expressed are Jacqui’s own. Photo credit go to Jacqui, all images supplied by her 🙂 **

I decided to feature a series of Wellness posts to find out how other moms #LiveLifeWell The purpose of this series is to enlighten readers and show you how small changes can yield big results for you and your family too.

Part 9 – LiveLifeWell with Wellness Warehouse & One Messy Mama


The Bester Family

1. The woman behind One Messy Mama – meet Jacqui Bester

I’m Jacqui, mom to 5 adorable and rambunctious children aged 8,7,6,4 and 1. I wake up each day in one hot mess, running between working full time, authoring my first children’s novel and trying to remember whether I should be packing a tennis racket, cricket bat or ballet pumps 🙂 I live by my colour coded calendar, surviving many #momfails and trying to make it all look normal in just a days work.

Life can become so hectic for all of us parents. That’s why I started my blog, One Messy Mama, because life is exactly that…Messy – on a good day 🙂 It’s normal too feel overwhelmed, exhausted and filled with the most incredible joy in just 5 minutes flat.

2. Why you choose to #livelifewell

I’m just going to be honest here, my one irritation about being a mom, is that I have to make 4 lunch boxes EVERY.MORNING. There is only so much creativity a mom can handle, whilst trying to make sure that what they are eating is nutritious and filling (have you seen how much boys eat?)

Nutritious food is paramount in the cognitive development and academic performance of our children. I choose to  inspire my children to #livelifewell by providing lunch snacks that will give them the energy they need for the day, but also taste scrumptious. And yes, maybe sneaking in a few veggies in the process.

3. Share with us what you bought at Wellness Warehouse

I love baking and experimenting with different flavours. Wellness Warehouse has a wonderful variety of healthy products that can be added to muffins, granola bars, cookies and more. My children don’t have a clue that they might be eating an avocado muffin 🙂 They just keep running back for more.


My baking “go-to” list of essentials from WW include:

-Gluten Free Choc-Chip Muffin Mix (I sure don’t have time to start from scratch – muffin mixes are a quick alternative)

– Wheat and Gluten Free Chocolate Muffin Mix

– Organic Peanut Butter and Coconut Oats

– Sugar Free Granola

– Goji Berries

– Fruit & Nut Seed Mix

– Pine Nuts

– Raw Honey

With all these yummy ingredients, I plan to make the following and will be posting them on my blog.

– Avocado and Pine Nut Choc-Chip Muffins (Luckily my children are not allergic to nuts)

– Goji Berry Granola Bars

– Sweet Potato and Chocolate Muffins

– Coconut Oat Cookies

Let me just say, I don’t always get the healthy lunch box right. Sometimes I am in such a hurry that I grab the nearest packet of chips and hope for the best. Spending some time in the kitchen over a weekend and baking up a batch of goodies, helps me feel organised. I then know that on a busy morning, when my coffee is getting cold and I am fighting with a child that won’t put on their shoes or brush their teeth, that I won’t be scrambling for the chips, but rather a healthier food option.

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Spirited Mama


T’s & C’s apply

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This is the FINAL post in this series. 

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