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When I’m overworked!~

I come up with these thought….

Seriously sign

 I could use an Island holiday, with a funky cocktail.

P.S. I like the umbrella drinks….

Update on the Weekly Bucket List

Wow, it’s only Tuesday but let me update the weekly bucket list.

< I am effiecientat night. Dude & Dudie went to bed at 8 – 8:30ish and I stayed on the couch cos if I watch TV in bed, I will definitely fall asleep. And I wanted to paint… Felt somewhat creative.>

Let’s cross off some items:

1. Make cup-a-cake (Do you know that you can make a single serving in a coffee mug and add custard/ice-cream/whatever you want to it?) Done with custard! Delicious!





2. Share Breakfast with Dude (Maybe I’ll surprise him at work?)

3. Have a good Cuddle with Dudie

4. Dance Done – Read all about it here

5. Share a bath with Dudie…(We haven’t done this in a while)

6. Eat Ice-cream infront of the fireplace (it’s getting cold now so it’s time for fireplaces to be lit…)

7. Print “Dad & Son” photo for his Father’s Day frame (I bought the frame in January already!)

8. Attempt some craft project (I have a rough idea of what I want to do) Done, I surprised myself! I stole borrowed the idea from Marcia’s post at 1, 2, 3, blog It’s not that I don not like white backgrounds, I just feel that there’s so much colour in the world, Why not use it? What do you think???










9. Read/Read/Read (This weekend I got such great books for the Dudie. I love how he loves books! Just like me) – Work in progress. Currently reading





Very interesting. I’m savouring this one!

10. Camp out in Dudie’s room (Tent/sleeping bags, etc)


At this rate, I will finish these goals.

Me and Mrs Jones….

Dude and I loved love dancing. Albeit he’s the better dancer, I still think I rock!

<A few years ago we were invited to an open day at a dance school. We had so much fun! The instructors told bith Dude and I that we need to be more stiff??? Apparently we move our hips to much? Well, my hips don’t lie!!!!>

Dudie has always liked music. And just like his mom, he enjoys a wide variety. Different genres. We even have Dude enjoying genres other than his norm.

I got home last night, granted I just needed to touch up dinner, as I had cooked on Sunday evening already. Within 5 minutes of me being there, the Dudie puts on some music. 2yr old knows exactly how to work the CD/DVD player.>  He, Dudie, chose the CD and the very first song to play is: Me & Mrs Jones… My Dude was within 2 metres of me, I give my Dude a bear hug and we slow dance in the kitchen…. We progressed through the kitchen to the living room, where Dudie was leaning against the couch. Dudie gets extremely shy when his Dad shows any affection towards me.

We invite Dudie to join in our dance but he point-blank refuses. But he did end up dancing with mommy, all by himself. See neither one of my boys wants to share me with the other. 🙂

Dudie and I ended up dancing for 20 minutes. He was so impressed with his Mommy’s dancing skills, albeit it was spinning and twirling etc… Those are the memories I want my child to have of me.
And again I embedded the smiling face of my son in my memory box…

P.S. I am well aware that as I age my metabolism slows down. I am NOT a gym person. You will NOt get me to sign up for Gym membership. I don’t care about your stupid specials. I believe that if i just get dancing again, maybe I’ll shed some kilos??? Dudie has me dancing for 20 – 30 minutes almost everyday now! I’m well aware of how unfit I am but I’ll get there….

P.P.S If you haven’t seen/bought it already you need to get Happy Feet 2. The soundtrack is amazing. We copy the dance in the intro and by the time the routine is done, I need to wipe the sweat…

 Watch the trailer here. How can your spirits not be lifted after that? Bridge of Light is one of my all time favourites to sing to Dudie…<It also helps him to vent his anger/frustrations cos he understands somehow what little Eric is going through>


My weekly Bucket List (28 May – 3 June)

I mentioned before that I wanted to do a Bucket List but I wanted to break mine into sizable chunks…

Here goes this weeks list:

1. Make cup-a-cake (Do you know that you can make a single serving in a coffee mug and add custard/ice-cream/whatever you want to it?)

2. Share Breakfast with Dude (Maybe I’ll surprise him at work?)

3. Have a good Cuddle with Dudie

4. Dance

5. Share a bath with Dudie…(We haven’t done this in a while)

6. Eat Ice-cream infront of the fireplace (it’s getting cold now so it’s time for fireplaces to be lit…)

7. Print “Dad & Son” photo for his Father’s Day frame (I bought the frame in January already!)

8. Attempt some craft project (I have a rough idea of what I want to do)

9. Read/Read/Read (This weekend I got such great books for the Dudie. I love how he loves books! Just like me)

10. Camp out in Dudie’s room (Tent/sleeping bags, etc)

So let’s see how I do this week. It’s so exciting to have all these things to look forward to. I always have so much to look forward to but somehow time flies by and before I even realise it the week is done. And I haven’t done half the things I wanted to. At least with the weekly lists, I can hold myself accountable.

I am really trying to LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE

Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!

So all is well in the land of the Spirited! It’s sunny and pretty with blossoms, albeit we’re experiencing Autumn currently. Today is Friday! TGIF!

My Dudie is on the mend. I’m just happy that the fever is gone. I’m so over suppositories.

<Note to self – stock up on suppositories – and other meds for Winter>

If you haven’t noticed I’m OCD then here’s a reminder. I stock up on Meds for my family. Anything that works/appears to work on any disease/illness/rash/etc, I get more and keep in my Meds cupboard. I have a shelf for the Dudie and Dude & I and the dogs share a shelf.

 Do you know how expensive a visit to the Vet is these days??? And we have 5 3 dogs, lots of fish, 2 cockatiels, wild birds  -who steal our dog food, and I’m hoping and praying that we get our rabbit soon…. I’ve been telling Dude that it is vital to Dudie’s upbringing that he has a rabbit… I didn’t have one when I was a kid and just look how I turned out.

So with Dudie on the mend, my eyes looking normal again but I’m still rocking my Gucci’s(remember the knockoff version – If they accepted monopoly money I would’ve bought the real thing. But we have to live in my world you know. So after swimming/school fees/monkeynastics/kindermusiek and all those adult responsibilities bills are paid, I can choose some kick ass sunglasses.

<remember how your mom used to tell you that you’re so label befok now – just wait until you have to buy your own stuff. With your hard earned cash… YOu’ll think twice about that label! I don’t really care for labels anymore. occasionally, it’s nice to spoil treat myself but occasssionaly.>

Back to the topic – Last night the Dude treated us to some retail therapy. All went well, but Dudie & I were not really enthusiastic about it. So Dude is taking us for some more retail therapy tonight and dinner in a restaurant.

Diseased and all – Mama’s getting served!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



What did the doctor say?

No more monkeys jumping on the bed! For parents might know this nursery rhyme. Gloria knows that I can sing it backwards. Whenever Dudie goes to the doctor and Dude asks “What did the Doctor say?” Dudie responds without out fail “No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

Well the diagnosis yesterday was slightly different. Dudie has a cold, just a common cold due to the change in season that we’re currently experiencing. We came from swimming on Tuesday and I noticed that the Dudie looked rather sick/glum/not himself. He had a temp of 39! I bathed him and administered some empaped. <Now, I’m not sure who hates suppositories more, me or Dudie…. But I know it works!> Then I put him to bed. He slept well. And woke up looking better with no fever.

Now , we all know kids get sick at night. <That’s Murphy fcking us over> So I decided that it may be a good n idea to pay the Paed a visit. Just in case we have a repeat stunt the night. Well, I made an appointment. We had a photo shoot at Dudie’s school, so off we went. Bear in mind that this child looked as healthy as a spring chicken. We rap up the photo shoot and BAM! The fever is back. Just like that. No warnings. And the  Dudie drops in my arms like a limp snoek!

I skip off to the Paed, and albeit he has a cold all is well. Most probably brought on after the swimming lesson. One more doctors appointment for me. <See I had Conjunctivitis over the weekend> I get to the Doctor and trues bob, Conjunctivitis is back!

So now, I’m rocking my Gucci knockoffs and lying in the sun on the couch writing this post.

Dudie is napping. Supper is made. And I’m sipping on my Coffee.

P.S. Dudie is going to miss out on his evaluation at Swimming tonight. Next week is Parents Week. We get to run and cheer him on next to the pool!!!!!!

How’s your Thursday?



To Infinity and Beyond…

For a while I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a “Bucket List”. I’m a professional procrastinator… So after A LOT of consideration, and reading the last post from Kelle Hampton’s Blog “Enjoying the Small Things” I decided to break it down into smaller chunks. Rather than having a long list and weekly list seems more doable.

I’ve made a conscious decision to try and see the positive in each situation. <IF you read my first post, it seems all doom and gloom. And let’s not forget the issues that I have with my Mom. That’ll probably never change. But I’ve made peace with it. And I choose to see the positive! I choose HAPPY! I choose LIFE!>

I have a son and for what it’s worth I will try my very best not to let him experience the hurt/sadness/disappointment/trauma that I faced growing up. I consciously choose to do thing s for him and with him. I want to create happy memories for him. <Now, I’m not saying that growing up was all bad but I remember mostly negative things – Maybe this is all my brain processed???And I’ve blocked out the rest?>

I try to soak up my son every chance I get.  I want to remember him. I want him to remember me. And our moments together. <I feel that I need to find a way to incorporate Dude as we have kinda left him out of many of our bonding sessions. But Dude has his own sessions with Dudie.>

Life is too short to be stressing about things that are beyond my control. <On Mother’s day my dude told me How he noticed the difference in me. A positive shift in my being… That was the nicest thing that he could have told me as I felt happier, was more relaxed but couldn’t pin it for some reason. And then it struck me… I a while ago I told myself that I need to enjoy the “Here and Now” and just enjoy the small things. Those are the things that matter!>

This morning at 12:05 am Dudie came to sleep in our bed. We were uncomfortable and cold, as Dudie doesn’t like to be covered but we didn’t care. We bonded as a family. So with stiff bodies we rose to this beautiful day. Amongst our morning chaos and Dudie trying to snuggle with Dude so that I can’t take him to school, we still managed to leave the house 15minutes earlier than usual! I still have no idea how we did that! So as I pull out the driveway with an unhappy 2yr old telling me that he doesn’t want to go to school anymore and that Mommy must take care of him… My heart broke. Am I doing my child an injustice by working full time? I am an independent woman. I need want need to work. Maybe I just need to find a JOB that only requires my attention for a few hours… But how? I had all these thoughts racing through my head… And then I decided, I’ve changed our world by enjoying the small things and by creating time for us. Let  me not stop now… So I did it.

We went to McDonalds drive thru and ordered a Sausage McMuffin to share… Dudie had his Milo and I had my coffee and off we went to school. The look on my child’s face when we got out food from the drive thru was unbelievable. You’d swear someone handed me a bag of diamonds or cash!!! We arrived at school. I parked in the bay, looked at my watch and decided fck this, I’ll leave when Dudie is done eating. I’ll get to work when I get there. We sat in his classroom, on little red chairs at the green table. Drinking our coffee and sharing a McMuffin. All whilst Dudie pointed out the pictures and objects on the wall. That right there was where my heart burst with love and joy. That was Priceless!!!!!

 P.S. I was going to do a Bucket List post but I got carried away here. So I’ll do the list in the next post…



Blowing bubbles

So update on the frog and it’s going swimmingly. Remember he has two different instructors, the guy on Tuesdays and the girl on Thursdays… Well, it’s really great to see how this frog is progressing. If you want to, you can read about the frog here.

Last nite we had the girl instructor and albeit she’s happy with his progress and all that, she feels that the Dudie needs to practice blowing bubbles at home. I responded with “ But he does. And he’s so proud of himself. And shows off this skill in the bath and all” Well, she said maybe he’s just shy around her…

This left me thinking;

Do I just let him take lessons with the guy? They seem to get on very well. Kindred spirits and all. Or do I try just once more with the girl?

I think I’ll try once more. But then make my final decision. <Even the Dude feels we need to try once more>

We got home a little earlier than usual; our lesson was moved up as someone didn’t pitch. We ate left over Lasagne and shared some Nesquick… I gave him his bath and we polished brushed his teeth.  We then proceeded to his room where I tried to dress him but tonight this task was not smooth sailing… Dudie kept jumping up and down, trying to wiggle off the bed, anything to just not get dressed… The air was filled with laughter… And Dude making home videos. Then Dudie asked me to lie there with him. I soaked you up, albeit my tolerance level was low and my patience running out. I tried to focus on the “happy”. I filed your smiling happy face in my memory box, forever to treasure…

We played hide and seek under the covers and eventually we just fell asleep. Well not before you poked my nose, and pulled my ears and played with my hair and opening my eyes and telling me “Wake up, Mamma…” You haven’t called me Mamma in forever. And I loved it.

I need to remember to focus on the “happy”, the “here and now”….


P.S. My brother is almost ten years younger than me. He had a nesquick addiction, like I think I have and Dudie is developing… My brother uses to call Nesquick,… BUNNY! He always wanted BUNNY!

Tea anyone?



Actually, it’s coffee and a yummy cream donought for my afternoon tea time.

I actually don’t take lunch or tea breaks… I sort of just wing it… But on the days when I do, I take a walk outside <I used to smoke and I always found time to take THAT break> in the sun or just stare out of my window….

My morning drink

So you may have read about my choice of coffee here. Yes, I’m besotted with Jacobs Kronung… But today was a total fail…

I woke up late so my usual routine was off balance. My feng shui was out of sync….

I make my Dudie’s coffee; he has milo and believes that when Mom & Dad have coffee so should he. <Oh the joys. I wonder what he’ll do when he realizes what real coffee tastes like.>

As I make Dudie’s cuppa, I make my coffee. This is how it went down:

  1. I add ½ a teaspoon of sugar to Dudie’s cup and to mine – Err, Problem – I don’t take sugar.
  2. I add Kilo to Dudie’s cup and mine – Err, I already added Jacobs Kronung to my cup and now MILO….
  3. I assess the situation and decided “whatever” and proceed to add hot water and milk…

We make our way out the door and head off to school and work. Dudie loved his coffee this morning as I do not always add sugar… <I don’t give my kid sugar willingly/easily>

I drop him at school and I start my trek to work. I get on the highway; take a sip gulp of my coffee/milo… And nearly veer off the road! I kid you not. It tasted horrible. I’m not sure if I should’ve added more coffee or more milo. It tasted like a cheap instant coffee that was watered down way way way too much!

I am at the Office and on my way to go and get a CUPPACCINO with CREAM! I need a pick me upper…


P.S. Other than that mishap, my day has been splendid. Granted, we were late but we are happy, safe and alive.

P.P.S It’s so awesome coming home to a husband who’s cooking a pot of soup and the fire is burning… Just the way my granny grew up except, she was the one making the soup and lighting the fire. Bwhahahaha

P.P.S. Both Dude & I have full time JOBS but he gets home and hour before me. He’s so helpful around the house. Don’t fret – he gets his rewards…

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