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And the Award goes to…

Spiritedmama awards:

  • Non-Punctual employee 2012
  • Non-communicating wife 2012
  • No more patience and tolerance for toddler tantrums
  • No  more patience and tolerance for diseases/illness doing the rounds at school
  • And I can go on but it is the weekend, so let’s just stop there, for now

And I need to recharge this weekend. Really. I.must.need.to.recharge.

Dudie has tonsillitis and since 1am this morning – diarrhea. I’m sleep deprived. I’m running on fumes. I need some uninterrupted sleep, which is not happening this weekend as Dude has to W.O.R.K! Both Saturday and Sunday! And no I can’t make up for it by going to bed at 5pm in the afternoon either as Dude/Dudie may will wake me for something. And by something, I mean something irrelevant/had f*all to do with me. Sigh. Oh well, it’s the weekend and I’m going to take it in my stride and conquer each day minute at a time. <I’m just feeling sorry for myself and I need to vent a bit>

P.S. This morning the Spirited Family overslept and hence mommy having to drop Dudie and Dude.

So during the drive to work, Dude gives me this 4o minute- I shit you not- he really spoke all the way through traffic- lecture on how I should liven up/he’s bored with his routine life/ he wants to move somewhere new/ he’s looking for a challenge/ if we break free from routine it’ll force us to change our habits – but in the same breath he’s worried that he’ll fck up our relationship kinda lecture.  I like routine. I like the familiar. I don’t like family issues/drama hence why we live in GP and they live in CPT!

I calmly told myself that I should let him vent because if I respond I’m going to get all defensive and emotional and I wasn’t in the mood to get to work all teary eyed!

I’m sure he’ll want some action tonight but I don’t think so! I need some sleep never mind beauty sleep. At this rate I might get some beauty sleep when Dudie moves out the house. Which would be in roughly 2o odd years or so?


P.P.S. I get all emotional and feel like I’ve burnt out when I get sick. And I started getting sick on Wednesday, just after Dudie did. And guess what, I started feeling all emotional to the point where if Dude doesn’t do exactly what I asked him – I get irritated. Currently I have a problem with the way he washes the dishes. think know I’m OCD!> He doesn’t clean them properly. We let our dishes air dry but I’m the only one packing them away. Dude will wash dishes and add to the pile that just needs to be packed away! I can’t handle it. I’m anxious when I think about going into the kitchen.

Update on Detoxing…

So the detoxing has been going strong since Tuesday and I finish on Sunday, 1 April.

BWAHAHAHA! I’ll be lighter on April fool’s day>

Quick update:

I’ve followed my diet and on Sunday morning I got on the scale… I was 6kg’s lighter. I shit you not. 6kg’s. One thing that I did differently this time was increase my water intake from 2 – 3L per day. I’m currently on 4 – 5l per day and I don’t even realise it.

My clothes fit better. My skin feels and looks better. And I feel better. Nothing like getting on the scale and it stops before the mark that you’ve anticipated.

So, in essence, I need to lose 4kg’s this week. Remember I said that I’d be happy to lose 10kg’s instead of the 16kg’s that that specialist cow told me about! Enough said. Let me eat my lunch!Steak and salad!!!!

Tomorrow is a holiday

So tomorrow is Human Right’s Day in South Africa. And as a citizen I get the day off. Yep, it’s an official H.o.l.i.d.a.y!

I’m not going to give you a lecture about the history of South Africa and how we got to a public holiday. Most us don’t know the history/don’t care/just want the day off! <Use what’s relevant to you to justify your day off>

I’m exercising my Human Right tomorrow and will be doing my hair at a real salon and then doing some shopping at the Woolies Quality Sale.

<Tomorrow, it’s 75% off>

P.S. The kids get the day off from school too. I think that we need to change that ruling. The kids and the teachers get so many holidays. Why do they need a day off when th erest of the working class get a day off. Just saying…

P.P.S Daddy Dude is on child duty!


Enjoy your day off. I’m already starting to go slow at work!!!!!

Hip Hip Human Right’s Day!!!

I’m detoxing…

I’ve decided to follow a little two-week detox program. You know that infamous bullshit 13 day metabolism diet…. Well, I did almost 2yrs ago albeit I cheated here and there, but I still lost 8kgs.

Background – Two weeks ago, I saw a specialist person about my physique… She advised that for my physique, considering height and all those unicorns, I need to lose 16kgs.

<We were on holiday for a week and I gained 2-3kgs. I can feel it on my hips.>

So this is how I decided that I need to take action. And we’ll be visiting Cape Town at the end of April. Need want to get back into my Levi’s…

<I’ve always been on the trim side of life but after having my son, it’s not as easy to just shed those unwanted kilograms.>

This brings me back to my 13 day challenge. It’s advisable to start on a Sunday, then you only have one miserable weekend to deal with. I was going start this on Sunday but because my Dude couldn’t make up his fuckin mind when we’re going for our Sunday buffet lunch, I have a voucher, my plans were skewed! Along with other fck ups, I’ve now started today, Tuesday 20 March. Perfect! I finish on Sunday 1 April. So I have 2 weekends to deal with…

Today’s menu:

Breakfast – Black coffee, no sugar ( No problem as I gave up sugar in tea/coffee 3yrs ago- don’t even miss it. I do get alot of sugar in my chocolate though hence why the bitter coffee)

Lunch –  2 boiled eggs and cooked spinach (I’m going to zap my spinach in the microwave)

Dinner – Grilled steak ONLY!

It’s 9am and I’ve consumed 1L of water and 3 cups of black coffee. I need to pee all the time…..

So here’s to me. I’m detoxing and hoping to be 10kgs lighter after day 13! And I can’t wait to slip back into my Levi’s.

P.S. If followed correctly, you can lose 9 – 12 kgs.  I’ll update when the challenge is over. And no, I do not do before and after pictures.

P.P.S. I’m not a gym person but I swim regularly (maybe twice a year). Do you know that when you have a swimming pool it’s so much effort to drag your behind into that pool. It’s easier to lie next to it and dream about getting into shape. We also have one of those exercise bikes. I used to cycle 10km’s a day. Then I stopped… Last night I thought I’d try again. I could only manage 2km’s… I also found my skipping rope. My son laughed hi a.s.s off when I was gasping for breath. After 30 seconds fo jumping.

P.P.S. I need to get fit again.

So you’re a boy and Mommy’s a girl

What makes me a girl and you a boy?

I’ve heard about it and quietly read the debates/discussions about when to talk to your child about s.e.x. When do they start noticing the difference between girls and boys. I have a 29 month old and Oh my Gloria he is inquisitive! My Dude seems to think that I shouldn’t be telling Dudie that Mommy has a vag.ina but I beg to differ.

<I think that’s why I have issues ‘cos when I was growing up it was all hush hush! Why can’t we just be honest and just call a vag.ina a vag.ina and so forth>

I’ve always walked out the shower naked. And Dudie is of the nature that he doesn’t even notice my wobbly a.s.s going pass him. He used to stare at my milk glands and all I use to say was ” Dudie that’s where you’re milk came from.”

Anyway, yesterday he asked ” what that Mommy?” I responded “my vag.ina.” Mommy is a girl and Dudie is a boy. And that was the end of it.

I don’t get why people fuss about gen.ital.ia. What’s the big deal?

Spirited Mama

P.S. This might be why I have issues. It was always hush hush when I grew up.

Do you tell your child the truth about girls vs boys?

Fear of the Unknown

So Dudie has graduated to his big boy bed. And quite frankly, I’m scared of what’s to come! Do we now have to remove all keys in fear of child getting out of his in the middle of the night? Or trip the electricity in case this child finds that one dreaded plug that doesn’t have a child protective cover? What if he let’s the dogs in? What if he drinks water out of the fishtank or toilet? What if he uses his step stool to get the knife and run around the house like CHUCKY????

You see where this is going…

I know that I am a paranoid parent but this can happen… So it was the greatest achievement yet when Dudie could get out of his cot. Secretly, I think he’s been doing it fo ra while without us knowing about it. I mean, how does the child just appear next to you when you know you left him in his cot? So on Saturday, I tell the helper to please just keep an eye on him as I need to jump in the shower quickly. I get out of shower and the two are happily playing with the ball . Fast forward to afternoon, and I put Dudie down fo ra nap. Dude pies up, “Why is it so quiet in the room?” We check and sure as hell his half way out the cot. So we move back and wait in the living room. Trues bob ” Dudie annouces ” Mommy get out the cot!” And so it went until he eventualy fell asleep at 5:30ish and woke on Sunday at 6:03AM!

Heaven – because he slept straight through. Normally he would wake, bath, eat and then sleep but not this time.

Hell – Dudie woke me at 6:03AM for porridge! Again, he climbed out the cot. Everytime he would ask to get in the cot just so that he could climb out.

So now, I lie awake, seriously, wondering when/what this child will get up to next.

P.S. Saturday at 10am I thought that Dudie and I could catch a snooze, him in the cot and me on his bed. Boy was I wrong. I dosed off, he climbed out the cot. When I opened my eyes (I promise it wasn’t even 2mins – I could see that on the movie time):

The house was full of toilet paper.

The kitchen floor was wet.

My dudie was standing at the bedside attempting to brush MY teeth.


P.P.S My Dude had to go to work for bit. WHen asked how our morning was I said… “Great. We played and watched a movie…”

Dudie is moving on up!

Dudie, it’s official. You now sleep in your big boy bed. Yesterday, we packed away your cotand rearranged your room. Bed and all. You bumped your head a million times within 1minute of you being on the bed but you were happy! You kept telling Daddy and I to lie on your bed, with you. Eventually, Mommy left because mommy kept laughing and we’d have to start the “calming” process all over…

Dudie, I love you. And I love how you tell me “Love you”. Mommy’s so proud of you for graduating to your big boy bed. And it seems that you’re loving it.

Dudie. But you were still snoring albeit softly in your bed this morning.>

How I wish I was a child again

Oh, how I wish I could be a child today. It is wet and cold in Gauteng. Yesterday, my Dude made our first fire in the fireplace for 2012! In March? It seems that it’s too early…. Anyhow, we loved it. We ate veggie burgers and chocolate and custard slices, Yum Yum. 

Today is Friday and the weather is looking more glum than yesterday. I realised that if I could have one wish for today, I’d like to be child again and this is what we would do:

  1.  Make a fire in the fireplace (in my Gran’s house)
  2. Drink hot chocolate
  3. Eat warm home-made bread
  4. Play monopoly

Now for me the most exciting part would be playing monopoly. But the old version(like when I grew up). The old version comprised of R1 upto R5000 notes not the recent R50 000 that I’ve seen. We all wanted to buy Musgrave and I can’t remember the other street name now, but the brown ones that were right after the begin sign… That would score you the most money for sure. I always bought President Street, I think it wa sin Bloemfontein? Not sure why, maybe I just like the sound of it. PRESIDENT Street. I loved being able to buy Eloff street, I think this was the most expensive street? Also, it was blue and Blue is my favourite colour.  I could so be a child today.

I’m searching for the old version, so if anyone knows where I can find one, please please please let me know…

<Completely off the topic, I bought a baby sense sling when I was 10 weeks pregnant. At the time I did not know that I was carrying a boy but I wanted a blue sling as it’s my favourite colour. To my surprise, my package coincided with his blue sling :-)>

P.S. I was almost always the car or boat. I could not stomach the thought of being an IRON. Maybe that’s why I hate ironing.

Have yourself a great weekend.


I’m bruised

So I recently started following Things I can’t say and you definitely need to read about Pour your heart out. I can’t keep up with the reading. Everytime I go there I get that “Ah ha” moment or that feeling of deja vu, as if I just said that to myself in my head.

<I tend to talk to myself. A.LOT.>

So today I’m pouring my heart out, albeit anonymously.

My Dude and I, up until yesterday, were not in a good space. We were simply surviving. We were not enjoying each other, all because of the space/mind frame I was in. He has happily pointed out to me that I go through certain cycles, i.e.

1. happy/ecstatic the world can vanish around me and I would be feeling great

2. The ok/I’m fine transition

3. The Sulky/Moody put on my boxing gloves ‘cos I’m ready for a fight bitch

4. The Bitchy/depro phase

On Tuesday morning he said, you’re heading down that road of sulky/bitchy phase.distint time frame between them> Of course, it was my bright idea to ask him to point it out so that I can try to pull myself out of it. But because he did this, I felt vulnerable. Like he’s only pointing out the negative

fck up mind-set. I don’t do it deliberately but before I know it I’m thinking about the negatives again>

I felt bruised. I’m still somewhat tender but I need to put on my big girl panties and deal with Life. We had a very very lengthy discussion about this and hopefully my mind will do what I intend for it to do. So for now, I’m bruised but at least we’ve acknowledge this flaw in  my personality and I’m trying to fix this.

So go check out, Things I can’t say because it just might be what you need today.

P.S. Shell you have no idea how this has helped me already

P.P.S. She’s got some awesome giveaways too. Not sure if South Africans can enter but I will anyway 🙂

Because he loves water

Dudie, your love for water will get you into shit! With Daddy – hahaha!!!! And sometimes Mommy!

My Dudie loves water. This has been the case in like forever!  He can easily consume 2l of H2O per day. This will include tap water, bottled water, bath water, pool water, soapy dishwashing water! I kid you not and I shudder to think of the other possibilities around our house. We have dogs/fish/birds/wishing well/toilets…

After the Sta-soft incident on Monday, Dudie wanted to help wash the dishes whilst I cook some dinner last night. Note that Dude when to run Dudie’s bath whilst Dudie was under my supervision in the kitchen! Please note that I was juggling a hot pan with oil, some other food elements all whilst trying to balance Dudie on his step stool infront of the sink. I turn for a split second and my child scooped some lovely dirty soapy water with one of the dirty mugs and drank it. He even made that Aahhhhh sound afterwards.

I’m trying not to laugh and reckon that he’s been drinking bath water for almost 2.5yrs so he should be ok, right! In walks Dude and his response WTF? <Did I mention that 2minsprior Dude and I had a minor disagreement> He probably wanted thought of calling child services but he did the responsible thing and removed the child from the sink. He proceeded to bath him and then fed him some very nutritious dinner.

I giggled a bit. Such is life. There is no manual for parenting. It is merely someone’s opinion of their trials and errors. Whilst my child is alive, healthy and kicking we will experience life day-to-day – dirty water and all.

P.S. initially I did fret about this child drinking bath water. And on one occasion I spoke to a friend of mine, she’s an environmentalist specialist. Her response was simple: ‘At least he won’t be constipated!” Well that eased my mind. And yes, he’s as regular as can be.

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